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 DHT Shampoo & Dht Blocker Serum

 NEW -  ZincPCA-C Blocks Dht - Advanced New Technology


 Dht Is The Main Hormone That Causes Hair Loss In Men & Women  

 The Outter Layers of Skin Pile Up On Each Blocking and Clogging Pores!

 Unclog Them Now And Allow Healthier More Collagen Rich Skin To Renew Itself!


 Size: 8 oz Shampoo and (2 ) 2 oz Scalp Serum

60 Day Kit


Save With The Package!


 Normally $49.95

 Now Only $41.95 (limited time offer)     

 Low cost shipping!



"This is the only shampoo that has made a difference!"


"My hair looks and feels thicker than it has been in a long time."


Build Up on the root of the hair must be removed so that nutrition can reach the roots supply through a tiny vascular network! Dht along with dirt, debris, soap and other build up block this!




  The Most Advanced Thinning Hair Shampoo & Serum:

   Caucasian    African American   Latino   Asian   Native American  etc..

Ingredients Effective For Removal Of Dht Hormones From The Hair Root:


1) Dht chokes off the hair blood (nutrition supply)

2) Studies Show Deep Cleansing Works To Remove D.H.T.

3) Shampoos remove obstacles to hair growth and block hormones

4) Serum attaches healthy ingredients to the root where D.H.T would normally attach prevent the hormone from attaching.


All Root Cleansing Shampoos are not the same. The herbal compound that we use is tested and second to none for deep cleansing. We strongly suggest an herbal package with deep cleansers versus chemical based stripping agents.


Before you purchase a dht blocker shampoo - it should be said that di-hydra-testosterone treatments acids are often extremely overpriced. You do not need to pay high prices such as $80, $90 and even sometimes $100 for a shamp0o and treatment serum.


"My hair is the healthiest it has been in years after using your products"

Kelly Carter-  Seattle, Washington


"Biotin Follicle Booster is amazing!"

Erica Gelder - Colorado

    Read The Studies:

Several studies show that Biotin and Specific Ingredients Work To Block Hormones that Cause Hair Thinning and Loss in Men and In Women.

Study #1: Biotin is a basic a component of vitamin B. Biotin is the very basic building block of hair, skin reproduction and nail cellular turnover. It important to note that Biotin vitamins are not made inside the body. It must added to the body through diet, supplementation and topical sloutions.

Most people do not realize that biotin and proteins clump together very easily. This prevents it from reaching the vascular system that supplies hair its nutrition and the result is an increase in hair thinning and hair loss.

Studies show that biotin can and often should be delivered ways other than through diet or shots. Topical such as serums and shampoo deliver it directly to the hair root (medulla).  There are instances where regardless of all the possible recommendations as well as treatments, biotin does not appear to get absorbed well through the blood.

Studies have shown that many people, both men and women were unable to absorb any amount of biotin. Studies discovered that individuals who have type A blood are more typically unable to absorb it at adequate levels.




The very first ingredients are ALOE, ZINC PCAC, BIOTIN, TRiCHOGEN-H and Thyme, Sage, Fenugreek, Ivy Herbs, Burdock and Similar!

1) We add Aloe and not water because aloe is beneficial to the scalp in over 38 different ways. The reduction of inflammation is key to optimal hair growth. Aloe is very healing, nutritive, cell renewing and so many other amazing benefits.

2) Biotin - several studies have shown Biotin to be extremely effective at preventing hair thinning associated with hormone related hair loss in both men and women.

3) Sage, Fenugreek, Thyme, Ivy and Burdock melt away stubborn debris, dirt, bacteria and more that clogs the hair follicle opening as well as clogs the hair root beneath the surface! (vital to hair health)

4) Ginseng, Gingko, Dl Panthenol and 5 other herbs and natural vascular stimulants - Yes, they are proven to work to increase blood flow to work as a follicle booster. Enhance blood flow


Ingredients Remove Build Up At Follicle Opening and At The Hair Root!
Ingredients Proven to Restore Vascular Health To The Hair Root Needed To Grow Properly
Create The Perfect Environment For Healthy Hair Growth
Newer version of This Potent But Gentle Shampoo and Serum!
60 Day Money Back Guarantee!


 OPTIMAL SCALP HEALTH BY removing hormones, debris and other build up on the hair root as well as at the follicle opening you will allow your hair to grow to its optimal level!




Sebum, dirt and old product residue can become hard like candy - it must be removed for healthy hair growth. This kit will remove the sebum plugs on your scalp.
2 Month Money Back Guarantee - Nobody Else Offers 2 MONTHS!




"This the only kit that really gets to the causes of typical hair thinning in men and women. It has ingredients that are proven to prevent hormonal build up on the root of the hair (the main cause of thinning) but it also works to re-establish the network of blood supply that the hair must have to grow again - IT doesn't stop there-

It then stimulates blood flow natural follicle boosters while removing obstacles to hair growth called sebum plugs that build up at the hair follicle opening (this prevents hair from growing its thickest and sometimes prevents it from growing at all)."

Harris Jade - Chemist & Product Formulator


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