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Argan Oil Hair Treatments

Moisture X 10 - Strength X 5!  

It would take 6 drug store bought shampoos to equal the

moisturizing & healing power of DermOrganics for Dry,

Limp, Slow Growing & Damaged Black Hair!



Size: 12 oz Shampoo & 8 oz Conditioner & 4 oz Argan Oil (moroccan Oil)

Only $42.95 for The Entire Kit (limited time offer)     

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"I can dry my hair in about 3/4 of the time. The flat iron doesn't stick to my hair anymore and the white flakes have disappeared. Dermorganics hair products are really good!"

Trisha Morales -Birmingham Alabama


"I can't tell you how much of a difference these products have made for the health of my hair and my scalp. The kit lasts me about 3 months! I write this because I almost didn't buy it, because of the cost but that is only $15 per month!

Elisha  Crest - New York



Very few sites dedicate products and sections for black or African American Hair. World of is considered one of the of the foremost authorities on solving black hair problems. No matter your problem including dry, brittle, breakage, slow growing, thinning, weave problems, extensions, loss, dandruff, itchy scalp and more that African Americans face on a daily basis. You will find all the information that you need here for super healthy hair & scalp.

VOTED #1! - Top Selling Products:


Derm Organic Argan

Oil Shampoo

$14.75  - 12 oz

african american hair oils

Derm Organic Argan

Oil Conditioner

$13.75   8 oz


Derm Organic Argan Combo $25.95

     12 oz shampoo, 8 oz conditioner

black hair growth shampooleave in treatment for damaged hair


Pure Jojoba Oil 4 oz

Normally $17.95

Now Only $15.95

jojoba oil to heal black hair



Pure Argan (moroccan) Oil 4 oz

Normally $19.95

Now Only $16.95




Derm Organic Argan Kit


     12 oz shampoo, 8 oz conditioner, 4 oz oil




Argan Oil (also called Moroccan Oil) is one of the best leave in oils on the market for African American Hair! Here are some of the benefits of Argan Oil.

1) Cuts down drying time of the hair by 30% - less heat means less damage

2) Protects the cuticle from heat damage

3) Rebuilds vital moisture layers on the scalp to heal scalp issues such as flaking and itching

4) Prevents flaking of the scalp!

5) Revitalizes the hair's moisture levels from the inside out - no chemical can do this!

6) Leaves hair healthier and more manageable

7) The only hair oil endorsed on Oprah

8) Talked about on CNN, NBC, Today Show and countless other shows as the healthiest oil and product that African American's can put on their hair and scalp!





Treatments & Products:

-Dry Black Hair Treatments

-African American Hair Growth

-Hair Tips for African Americans





-Hair Oils

-Detangling Shampoo

-Moisture Shampoo

-Healing Hair Drops


-Deep Treatments

-Natural Products

-Lighten Hair



Styling Products:

-Curl Definition



Solving African American Problems:

-Dry Black Hair

-Black Hair Dandruff

-Black Scalp Bumps

-Thinning Hair

-Weaves Damaged Locks

-Braids Pulling Out Hair

-Pressing damage

-Relaxer Damage





Coming soon we will add our African American hairstyles, cuts, dos and styling section with just about style that you can think plus many "how to videos" so you will know exactly how to get that style. Remember that their are treatments fro serious problems like scalp dandruff, scalp bumps, damaged or chemical damaged locks as well slow growing or growth problems that many African American's face.

If you have input and would like to add it to our site please contact us and let us know what you would like to add and we will always listen and many times add more resources so that you can get more information from our site as we are striving to be the very best in beauty on the web and that includes skin & beauty all around. The shampoos and treatments that we offer are what we consider to be the VERY BEST as we have done extensive research on ingredients and herbal remedies.

If you would like to add hairstyles ad dos to our section then please email them to us and we will gladly add them to that section. If you have tips that you feel can help everybody out then please send them in as well and we will gladly post them on our beauty blog.

Many people ask us about brand and we believe that the best brand on the market is Purity. This is not without serious research into the best black shampoos and conditioners on the market and they pass just about every test that we give them. Great solutions and remedies when most companies simply want to cover it up. Purity wants to solve the problem and their targeted herbal technology often does just that.

" I am African American but my daughter is also partially Caucasian so her hair is a mix and we have to both say that we love your Rebalance hair shampoo and products for both our hair. While mine is really thick and coarse hers is medium but it works well for both of us."

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Amazing Black

Hair Care Products


Argan (moroccan) Hair Oil

4 oz






Argan Oil (Moroccan) Shampoo

12 oz


african american hair oils



Argan (Moroccan) Hair Conditioner

8 oz





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