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Black Hair Oils For Healthy Hair!


Argan Oil 4 oz - also called Moroccan Hair Oil

Super lightweight, cuts down the drying time on your hair and prevents heat damage, eliminates frizzy hair, strengthens hair to prevent breakage, restores damaged hair. Use it as a deep conditioner or a regular conditioner by varying the amount applied. Great Seller!

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jojoba oil for black hair


Pure Jojoba Oil 4 oz


Purifies and cleanses the scalp and hair follicle at a deep level to help eliminate dry scalp, dandruff, root build up, hair thinning and even hair loss. It removes debris that can clog hair follicles and cause hair to become damaged and frizzy.


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Pure Emu Oil (Omega Oil)  2 oz

The most potent of the growth oils. It offers complete omega saturation that skin and hair cells must have to be healthy. Many believe that it prevents gray hair onset and is used for hair problems such as hair thinning, loss, dryness, frizzy hair and much more. Our customers love it! We also the shampoos with emu oil in them ------>


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hair growth oil for black hair

Black Hair Growth Oil 4 oz - a super blend of the best hair oils for optimal hair growth! Get the benefits of jojoba, argan, coconut and emu oil for amazingly healthy hair growth!

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  1. Omega Oils (emu Oil) for Proven Hair Growth

  2. Omegas Can Help Prevent Graying Of Hair with Extreme Nutrition

  3. Adds Potent Moisture to Hair (Inside Out Moisture That Dimethicone Can't)

  4. Integral Component To Build Collagen (healthier hair)

  5. Feeds The Hair Root (the reproducing part of the hair)

  6. Called a "Hair Makeover In a Bottle"

  7. Ends Brittle and Damaged Hair


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"I absolutely love your emu oil shampoo and conditioner. My hair has never felt softer, healthier, shinier and it has stopped breaking!

Tania James - North Carolina


"I am so glad that I found your website. Your products are amazing and better than any of the so called salon products that I bought to try and fix my slow growing hair problems."

 Tanya Curtis  -


Called "The Fountain of Youth" For Hair
Potent Cellular Nutrition for Root and Up Regeneration
Prevents Premature Hair Aging
Rebuilds Optimal Collagen Level in Hair and Scalp
Hair That has been styled with irons or heat need inside out moisture from emu oil




"I ordered the growth kit and am very pleased with your products.

Tasha Vance - Virginia


   The result:

  • Healthier Looking Hair

  • Younger Looking and Feeling Hair

  • Renewed Vibrance of the Life of Your Hair

  • Collagen Rich Hair Cell production

  • Lack of breakdown from stressors such as free radicals

  • More resilient to the appearance of aging

  • Much younger looking and feeling hair - the best moisturizer for your hair!



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Emu Oil Shampoo

12 oz

emu oil shampoo





Emu Oil Conditioner

8 oz


shampoo for dry black hair





Emu Shampoo & Conditioner

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