List of Body Wraps and Mud Masques

"Products that don't Detoxify and Purify are merely short term solutions."

Here are some of the ingredients that we use in our different body wraps:


Weight Loss Body Wrap  $59.95


Detox Body Wrap $49.95


Herbal Neck & Seaweed Wraps

Tighten, firm and slim the neck and face as well as even out your complexion. Most face products do well on facial skin but don't have enough power to get the neck skin firmer. Our unique blend of targeted herbal extracts as well as clays that are proven to firm the skin make this this most potent neck firming product on the market.






Skin Firming Body Wrap  $54.95

Very high powered ingredients that include dead sea seaweed clays, targeted herbal ingredients and minerals as well as Rhassoul Clay. After researching Rhassoul Clay we found out how powerful clay can be when it comes to firming the skin and removing toxins that can cause a premature aging and sagging of the skin.




Double Chin Wrap


Similar to the herbal neck wrap but incorporates more of the slimming ingredients to help slim and reduce the chin area with just one wrap and the results speak for themselves.




Face Firming Wrap Anti Oxidant/ Masque  $44.95


Facial Acne Masque   $37.95


Dead Sea Clay and Detoxifying Clays in precise mixtures pull the toxins from the skin as well as the deep oils that clog pores. It is important to purify the skin at a deep level. Removing the impurities are very important for healthier skin over a prolonged period of time.



Muscle Tension Pain Relief Wrap $34.95 22 oz (makes around 30 spot specific applications)

Every years hundreds of thousands of people go to the dead sea to get relief from muscle aches and pains. Many people belief that the minerals and muds from the dead sea actually increase healing time in muscle pain and many people with consistent muscle aches and pains get relief from the Dead Sea.




Joint Inflammation Relief Wrap $37.95


Foot Detox Wrap Pads  $34.95   20 pads

You have never seen anything like this. We specially formulated a pad that is attached to the bottom of the feet and then left on over an 8 hour period. Don't believe us but check the pad and see the results of how dark brown the pad has become from expelled toxins and metals that were polluting your body.





Hair Wrap Masque   $24.95  6 oz

Normal shampoos and treatments can't do what Hair Mud & Herbal Masques can do. They are also called Hair Wraps. These masques can pull toxins and built up product from the scalp that can cause serious scalp issues. Dead sea and seaweed muds pull toxins while herbal ingredients and omegas infuse healthy cellular building ingredients. It is like starting over.

Read about the amazing hair and scalp masques and see why there is none better!





Dandruff Scalp Masque  $24.95   for 6 oz

Dandruff is caused by a bacteria called Malasezzia Furfur. Our scalp masque uses the most advanced and natural ingredients to destroy this fungus. So why deal with tough dandruff when you can combat it the natural but most effective way possible with only healing and healthy side effects.




Itchy Scalp Masque $24.95

Psoriasis, Eczema and other related conditions can cause serious dry scalp and this masque does what no other does and targets on the cause of the itchiness, we believe to be impurities in the scalp skin and years of experience has proven this for us.





Healthy Hair Vitamin Masque $27.95 for 12 oz ( 4 months supply)

Targeted at your hair and then the scalp this amazing blend of deep treatment muds and healing omegas do what no shampoo or conditioner can. Leave it on the scalp for around 15 minutes and then rinse out. It rebuilds and rejuvenates hair from the root up to add strength and nutrition (one of the best way to adds vitamins to the root). Forget about split ends, damaged hair from over processing and even from too much color. This treatment will restore and revitalize your hair guaranteed. an amazing blend of eastern therapies in a traditional delivery system that travels to the root of your hair.





Stimulating Scalp Masque  $39.95  for 12 oz (lasts 6 months)

This perfect for middle aged women and men that are concerned about hair that is starting to thin out. Using this particular masque just a few times a month will change your whole outlook on thinning hair. Yes there are things that you can do. Fight the thinning with the most powerful stimulants as well as detoxify the junk that builds up around the root of the hair. Stimulate and detoxify your scalp for amazing results. you will get hooked on the results. No shampoo can do what this product does.





DHT Hair Scalp Masque

Infuse serious botanicals that are used to irrigate the sebaceous gland of harmful build ups (hormones can build up), and then detoxify the scalp of harmful and cellular poor toxins that prevent your hair from doing as it should and then add dht hormone fighters deep into the root while nourishing your root with much needed nutrition and of course you will fee the stimulation.  Leave this on while in the shower and then rinse out. Only need to use 3 times a week in the begging first two weeks and then just once or twice a week.



Tender Scalp / Scalp Pain Masque



Scalp Acne Masque



Hand Wraps

Beautiful Hand Complexion Wrap/Mask

We target age spots, liver spots, discoloration, wrinkles and loose skin with this amazing combination of healing dead sea minerals, dead sea therapeutic mud, rhassoul clays as well as healing omegas and soothing and rebuilding herbs to name just a few of the ingredients.





Exfoliation Hand Wrap

These sell fast and amazing with regards to the control that you have. By how much water that you add to our clay, you determine the strength of the Exfoliants. Exfoliating those hands can bring to the surface much healthier looking skin and shave years off the appearance in just one setting and the masques feel so amazing while you are using them - softer, sleeker, smoother, more radiant hands. They look young again. Don't let anyone guess your age! Treat your hands too!





Hand Spa Mask Wrap

Better than any treatment that you can get at your nail salon this wrap / masque targets the appearance of your skin but also of your fingernails and cuticles. Your hands will never have felt better that with this spa in a bag treatment for your hands, fingernails and cuticles. Never softer, never as purified and never as healthy feeling and looking.





Exfoliating & Detox Body Salt Scrub & Mud Combination



Joint Inflammation Hand Relief Wrap

Very strong and intense wrap that is targeted at serious pain relief caused by muscle pain, joint pain, RA, osteo arthritis and just because they hurt sometimes pain. But take out word for it. The ingredients in the these healing mud sea wraps are tested and proven to relieve pain over the short term and have cumulative effects. Why? Because they also detoxify the hands at a cellular level and this is vital to healthier hands. Leaves skin rejuvenated and healthier looking as well.




Legs - Knees - Ankles


Skin Firming Wrap

Loose skin on the knees and legs as well as the stomach can all be helped with the Skin Firming Wrap that is designed to target saggy or sagging skin that is loose. Weight loss or age can be a factor in loose skin but this wrap licks them both with very high amounts of Rhassoul clay and an herbal complex of skin tightening herbs.





Foot Pain Relief Wrap with Circulation and Stimulation

Super strong pain relief ingredients and detoxification can bring lasting relief for foot pain. Read the research on how the muds that we use can reduce pain in the feet. Read the research and then order the wrap and see cumulative results.





Muscle Tension Relief Wrap  $36.96  for 22 oz  (typical 10 wraps)

The effects of dead sea muds and other clays have on painful muscle and tension in the body are remarkable and even more remarkable is that they cannot find out why they do  so well with muscle pain and tension. Try this







Detox Bath with Salt and Mud  22 oz

Detox the body and the mind with this pure dead sea salt and rhassoul clay bath that also includes the minerals from the dead sea in high and purified states.





Pure Dead Sea Healing Bath Salts & Minerals

A unique combination of dead sea salts and minerals are used to soften and heal skin while also providing the main healing minerals for skin.


Insomnia Bath

A calming combination that starts with a dead sea powder and finishes with dead sea minerals that is guaranteed to calm you, relax and bring your body to sleepy levels. We sell a lot of these with amazing results.





De-stress Bath

Just a few of these baths a week have alleviated both aches and pains from high stress and anxiety and is also used to relive tension headaches and other tension problems. It works on the body and the mind to bring you down to a deep relaxation and to break the Stress Reflex that can cause serious tension resulting in muscle and body aches and pains.





Intense Moisture Bath

This bath uses pure milk powders, rhassoul clay and other special ingredients that are guaranteed to make your skin super soft and super moisturized unlike any lotion ever could with LASTING results.





Eczema Psoriasis Bath

For those that have researched the dead sea know that they call it the dead sea because nothing can live in it due to the high salt content. When it comes to eczema and psoriasis it is believed that they are due to a living fungus and those that travel every year to the dead have proven that the dead sea heals eczema and psoriasis. However you do not have to go to the dead sea but you must use AUTHENTIC and UNADULTERATED Dead sea Salts. Most salts are sprayed to make them last longer or to accept fragrances. Our salts are 100% pure and are not sprayed like the other 99% of salts out there.






Order any of these together for a great spa gift basket. The spa baskets that we offer are second to none with high end products that deal with every part of the body that needs to be pampered and nurtured.


Spa Foot Gift Basket

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