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Many of our customers ask us if we know of any good information about plastic and cosmetic surgery and many also ask us if we know the best plastic surgery alternatives as well as alternatives to Botox since there are so many advances in skin products & hair products.


Below we have listed information about each type of plastic surgery as well as information on the alternatives. Click on the link to learn about plastic surgery or click on the cosmetic surgery alternatives to see which products customers are substituting.


Plastic Surgery -     >> alternatives>


Plastic Surgery Alternatives (Products)
Liposuction    >>  alternatives >> 5-15 Body Wrap & Cellulite Cream
Tummy Tucks   ---------------> 5-15 Body Wrap
Breast Augmentation Breast Enhancement Cream, Breast Firming Oil
Double Chin Elimination Anti Cellulite Body Wrap, Double Chin Lotion, Firming Wrap for the chin
Breast Lift Breast Enhancement Cream, Skin Firming Cream, Skin Firming Oil
Double Chin Elimination Cellulite Body Wrap, Double Chin Lotion
Body Contouring Cellulite Body Wrap, Skin firming Body Wrap
Cellulite Reduction Cellulite Body Wrap , Cellulite Cream
Botox Botox Alternative Serum, Instant Face lift, Boost Mask
Spider Veins Surgery K Plex - vitamin k & horse chestnut cream
Chemical Peels Microderm Abrasion Cream, Alpha Hydroxy Masque
Dermabrasion Dermabrasion cream
Thigh Lift Cellulite Body Wrap, Thigh Cream with aminophylline
Face Lift  
Butt Lift 5-15 weight loss wrap, cellulite cream, cellulite wrap
Laser Stretch Marks Scar Serum, Stretch Marks Therapy Cream
Laser Hair Removal Permanent Hair Removal Cream, Hair Inhibitor Spray
Scar Revision Scar Cream - a bio peptide scar cream
Tattoo removal Fade Cream
Collagen Injection Lips Boost Lip Plumper
Arm lift Skin Firming Lotion, 5-15 Body Wrap
Facial Blood Vessels - laser Vita K Cream and Varicose Vein Oil
Breast Reduction 5-15 Body Wrap, Cellulite Cream
Male Breast Reduction - man boobs 5-15 body Wrap, Cellulite Cream
Skin Tightening Surgery Skin Firming Body Wrap, Skin Firming Therapy Cream
Hair Transplant Surgery Boost Hair Gro Serum, Boost Hair Vitamins, Boost shampoo
Dark Circles Around Eyes Dark Circles Eye Cream
Brighten and Lighten Skin Lighten Skin
Mature Skin Rejuvenation o
Bad Acne Natural and Non Drying Acne Cream
Spider Veins Eliminated Spider Veins Cream
Oily Skin treatment Control Oily Skin Cream


We are still getting a lot of questions about the best products for your specific beauty problems or needs and remember that we are always willing to help you to get to the best products. Please use our live chat button to get solutions and treatments to your problems. And remember that we have the best alternatives to plastic surgery if you do not want to have plastic surgery.


We have listed the cosmetic surgery alternatives above that include body wrap alternatives for liposuction and high potency face creams such as collagen, elastin, vitamin c and much more that is proven in the anti wrinkle and anti aging categories with pure peptides. We are constantly adding new products and updating our current products.


We just added the entire Pure Line for problems such as dark circles around the eyes, stretch marks, spider veins and leg or facial spider veins, mature skin, red skin and many other skin related problems that traditional drug store type creams don't have an answer for. The MD Strength Line has the face creams that you are looking for.



More information on cosmetic loan procedures: costs, breast lift surgery, lipo suction






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