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Cosmetic Surgery Alternatives>> costs, breast lift surgery >>Breast Lift Surgery

Information on Breast Lifts and Reconstruction

The breast is seen in the upper torso of both male and female persons.  It actually differentiates mammals from the rests of those in the animal world, and human beings are included here.  The breast of a female mammal contains mammary glands, which gives out milk to feed their young. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  However, some women are very conscious about the size of their bust. Women undergo bust lifting because they want to look better.  It somehow contributes to their self esteem so they look for ways to improve its appearance. Unfortunately, other women who were victims of breast cancer and have undergone partial mastectomy (where one breast is removed) or total mastectomy (where both breasts are removed) will have to undergo breast reconstruction.  Research shows that about 50% of those who had mastectomies have submitted to breast reconstruction.

There is only one way to do breast reconstruction - only through surgery - unlike in breast lifts where several ways are available. The sagging of the breast wherein the support structure becomes stretched could be due to weight change (loss or gain), following pregnancy, breast feeding or simply the aging process.  Breast lift is the way to go to get a firmer, youthful and more shapely appearance. Listed below are different ways to have a breast lift without the use of plastic surgery.

1.  Breast Lift through Exercise.  There are easy to do exercise that could help one maintain a firm breast or improve a sagging one. There are e-instructors and e courses that will assist in the program needed to improving the tightness of muscles around this area.

2.  Breast Firming creams and firming wraps are a great cosmetic surgery alternative and other topical formula.  Many creams and other products are available in the market today.  

3.  Pills or Herbal Pills for Bust Enlargement.  Available in the market are pills which actually contain female hormones to promote breast enlargement or lifting.  Even homosexuals are also known to use such pills.  Also available in the market are natural herbal products which contain phytoestrogen (estrogenic effect from plants) which promotes growth of healthy breast tissue.

4.  Surgery or mastopexy.  This is a surgical procedure done to restore the shape of the breast of a woman.  Breast ptosis is what plastic surgeons call a sagging breast. As there are benefits in the procedure, so are there also risks.  One should have an in-depth discussion with the surgeon before undergoing the procedure.

Breast Reconstruction

It is only through surgery that breast reconstruction can be done.  Women who undergo reconstruction are those who have undergo mastectomies.  Most of these women are victims of cancer while rare cases are due to accidents. The surgery could be done with the use of local or general anesthesia. It could be performed on outpatient basis or with the patient confined in the hospital.  It could be done in one to several hours depending on the case. Doctors normally would discuss everything with the patient before the reconstruction.

Breast reconstruction can be done with the use of tissues from the body of the patient or with the use of a breast implant, or a combination of the two.  The tissue mentioned may be taken from areas such as the abdomen, upper back, upper hip, or buttocks.  Under the skillful and artistic hands of a plastic surgeon, these tissues are transformed into a new breast.












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