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Take out that Excess Fat, Go for Liposuction

Have you tried taking diet pills and workouts and still you wouldn’t lose weight?  There must be too much fat that pile and even workouts won’t work. You may probably need to undergo Liposuction surgery.  Liposuction is a procedure where a surgical removal of fat cells is done through a stainless steel suction tube called a cannula.  It is not intended to change a size 38-waist line to 28 but it does change shapes, bulges and contours.  Liposuction can take away unpleasing shapes that cannot be removed through dieting.

Liposuction surgery has been founded to be one of the safest and popular body shaping surgeries in the world.  Dramatic results may not be immediate as expected but it would certainly reduce the fat cells.  The success of liposuction will rely on the factors such as age, skin, elasticity, and weight and health condition. It is not advisable for those with weakened immune system, diabetes, heart or artery problems, or a history of blood clots or restricted blood flow. Liposuction surgery can be taken if you are of normal weight; healthy and elastic skin and you have “trouble areas” in your tummy, thighs, and butt.  Trouble areas do not respond to changes in diet and exercise. The most frequent areas of liposuction for women are located in the inner and outer thighs, hips, buttocks, arms, knees and abdomen. Other areas are beneath the chin and the rolls of the back. For men, liposuction areas cover the love handles, abdomen, chest, and chin.

A liposuction procedure deals with the surgeon inserting a small, tube-like instrument called cannula through tiny incisions. The cannula is connected to a powerful suction pump. The cannula breaks up and vacuums away unwanted fat deposits beneath the skin.  Fats are removed as the suction cannula forms tiny tunnels through fatty layers.  After the surgery, these tiny tunnels collapse and yielding an improved body contour.

Just like any other surgery, liposuction has some risk.  Though the complications are very rare, some these may complications may include infection, nerve damage, seizures, and negative reactions to anesthesia.   Patients may also experience adverse side effects such as bruising and scarring.

So if you are into getting rid of those excess fats which cannot be remove from diet exercise, it is advisable to see your surgeon and have a thorough understanding of how it should work for you.













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