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Dead Sea Shampoo

Size: 12 oz Dead Sea Mineral Shampoo

So many scalp problems respond to the dead sea that it is not surprising that thousands are searching for the very best dead sea hair products like dead sea shampoo. We use a very high deadsea mineral content and make sure to keep it as natural as possible! Get The Most Effective Dead Sea Shampoo Here!


 Normally $21.95

 Now Only $18.95 (limited time offer)     

 Low cost shipping!







Dead Sea Mineral Conditioner

Size: 8 oz Conditioner

THE REAL DEAD SEA MUD is used in the amazing conditioner! Designed for those that are looking for therapeutic level of dead sea mud in a conditioner. The only potent spa level formula available with pure black mud!


 Normally $21.95

 Now Only $18.95 (limited time offer)     

 Low cost shipping!







Dead Sea Black Mud   (purified)

Size: All Sizes Available

The purest of the dead sea muds and can be used on everything from  body wraps to facial masques as well as detox baths!    


1 lb

5 lbs

10 lbs

20 lbs

50 lbs

  Now Only $17.95







Dead Sea Body Lotion 8 oz

True healing minerals in this Dead Sea Lotion. We use very high levels of healing mud and brine that also include omegas for a rich and enhancing experience to give skin penetrating deep therapy that shows form the outside in! One of the few lotions that actually uses true healing ingredients at high enough levels!














Normally $21.95

 Now Only $18.95 (limited time offer)     

 Low cost shipping!





Dead Sea Salt Scrubs  Size: 4 oz

THE TOP DEAD SEA SCRUB because we don't just use any oils in our scrubs. We use very high levels of healing oils that include omegas for a rich and enhancing experience to soften skin and penetrate for deep therapy that shows on the outside!


4 oz Scrub - Lavender Float

4 oz Scrub - Rosemary

4 Oz Scrub - Citrus

4 oz Scrub - Vanilla Sugar     


 Normally $18.95

 Now Only $16.95








Dead Sea Mineral Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

Size: 1.8 oz

Minerals do something to the skin that no other ingredient can seem to do - heal. Healthy skin that is impervious to premature aging must have minerals yet today's diet is very low in mineral content. The dead sea has the highest, healing mineral content of all the seas. Let it repair the damage to your skin. Hyaluronic acid is an extreme collagen stimulator that enhances the body's ability to produce the collagen 2 fiber that results in the appearance of firmer, younger and much healthier skin!  


 Normally $51.95

 Now Only $44.95







Dead Sea Facial Masque (mask)

Size: 2.2 oz

!Every year thousands look for the best in dead sea skin care products for skin issues such as acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and more. The product can only be as good as the mud that is used. Our process results in the most pure mud that paraben and preservative free! Pull the toxins out of the skin with the power of the dead sea!  


 Normally $43.95

 Now Only $39.95







Dead Sea Body Home Wrap (5-15 Body Wrap)

Size: 1 to 2 Full Wraps








Normally $41.95

 Now Only $36.95







Belly Mud For Belly Fat

Size: 8 oz

Our top seller for those that want to get rid of stubborn belly fat! Click the link above to learn more about how this top seller gets results when other belly fat products won't work!

fat burner


 Normally $36.95

 Now Only $31.95







"The Dead Sea is known as the healing sea so I wanted to find products that were very high in dead sea content and very high in quality. i decided on yours and am very pleased with the products!







"Great smell, great feel, great results! My Skin has never looked better!

Aggie Jens-DE