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Feature article This Week!


Emu Oil Shampoo


Many people suffer from hair loss. The causes of hair loss can be quite varied, ranging from a genetic precondition for balding, hormonal fluctuations, and natural aging. If the hair follicle has been irreparably damaged, there is no way to reverse hair loss. However, if the hair follicle is only dormant in its growth pattern, it is possible to revive hair growth through the application of Emu oil on the hair follicle. You can find the most advanced emu oil shampoo with jojoba and wheat germ oil to heal your hair and scalp.


When Emu oil comes into contact with the skin of your scalp, it renders that skin healthier than before. Research done by Michael Hollick, MD, PhD (a Professor of Medicine, Physiology, and Dermatology at Boston University School of Medicine) showed that skin on which Emu oil was applied displayed 20% more growth activity, compared to skin that just used corn oil instead. Dr. Hollick discovered that the hair follicles which grew on skin that received an application of Emu oil proved to be stronger, while the new skin itself was much, much thicker implying that Emu oil can boost skin and hair growth. The same study also revealed that 80% of the dormant hair follicles were revived, successfully producing new hair growth as well.


Where does Emu oil come from? Emu oil (as the term suggests) comes from the fat of the Emu bird, which is usually slaughtered as a food source. It is necessary to differentiate between Emu oil that has been only rendered (or filtered) and Emu oil that has been refined, sterilized and deodorized. Filtered Emu oil may contain contaminants such as bacteria which may infect the user. Emu oil that is safe to use is one that has been processed to the point that all bacteria has been destroyed without damaging the integrity of the Emu oil.

Why is Emu oil valued as a hair rejuvenator? The value comes from the Essential Fatty Acids present in Emu oil. It is believed that such Essential Fatty Acids of the Emu are remarkably similar to that of human beings, so when Emu oil is applied topically, it is readily absorbed by the human body. The Essential Fatty Acids from other sources do not get absorbed through the skin quite so easily. Emu oil has been used by Australian aborigines to treat their wounds, relieve minor aches and pains, and prevent excessive sun and wind exposure for over 40,000 years now. Modern science has only recently started to discover the wonders in our body that Emu oil can produce. We also suggest that you look at emu oil for a great dandruff shampoo that will help to reduce flakes almost immediately. You can look at brand names like Nioxin, Tigi, Bed Head, Abba and Rusk but none carry emu oil in their products so we suggest that you find the best quality emu oil producer and that starts here. We heard for a while that Nioxin was looking at emu oil but have not heard anything since and remember that emu oil is very expensive.


People who are experiencing a degree of hair loss might want to try massaging a handful of Emu oil into their scalp three times daily particularly in areas where they are balding or experiencing thinning hair. When you have more time, such as at night or on weekends, you

could apply much more Emu oil into these hair loss sites and leave the solution on your scalp for 20 to 30 minutes. You may then try a mild shampoo or an Emu Oil Shampoo to wash the emu oil out of your scalp. Re-growth may take 30 to 90 days, depending on whether your hair

follicles were simply dormant to begin with.


Have your shampoos custom made and add any ingredients that you would like such as emu oil, avocado oil, neem oil, specific herbs, pick your fragrance, surfactant and much more. America's leading custom shampoo manufacturer.



Study on Hair, Black Hair Care Product Awards






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Emu oil is known for its many benefits and has been said to help and in many cases solve the following problems:

  • dandruff

  • itchy scalp

  • scalp psoriasis

  • dry scalp

  • dry hair

  • scalp bumps

  • scalp pimples

  • crust scalp

  • white crusty scalp

  • folliculitis

  • hair thinning

  • hair loss

  • prevent graying of hair

  • hair growth

  • growing hair out

  • adding strength to hair

  • And about 100 other things that can make your hair and scalp healthier!