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Emu Oil Works For More Than You know!


Flaky Scalp and Flaky Skin Relieved with Emu Oil


Have you ever experienced inflammation of the skin on your scalp which

later develops into a red skin rash? Was that rash very itchy and dry,

leading to a flaky scalp and flaky skin? Be careful, you might have

eczema already.


Do not scratch eczema


Because the itching of your scalp was very intense, you might have been

tempted to scratch your head often. However, that is one of the worst

things you could ever do since you would wind up wounding your scalp

instead. To relieve the itch, rub your scalp with the palm of your

hands instead. And then apply emu oil for scalp itch.


Why Emu oil works on eczema


How does emu oil relieve the condition of eczema? Well, applying emu

oil on sites of eczema is based on the principle that oil will help

replenish the natural oils lost, thereby moisturizing the skin. Since

emu oil is derived from the fats of the emu bird, it is hence a natural

oil that can supply the necessary moisturizing that your eczema-ridden

skin badly requires. Emu oil contains beneficial ingredients such as

terpines (known for its antiseptic qualities), sapogens (for softening

skin), oleic acid (which helps skin to regenerate and prevents

wrinkles), Vitamin A (an antioxidant and skin restorer), and Vitamin E

(another antioxidant and which also helps repair skin.)


Benefits of emu oil on patients


Emu oil can provide various benefits to eczema patients. It is an

anti-inflammatory whose effects reportedly are similar to the medicine

known as ibuprofen. As a bacteriostatic, it can hinder the growth of

harmful bacteria. It is hypoallergenic, so it does not cause any side

effects on the user, such as skin irritation. It is known to penetrate

skin very well without leaving a greasy film on the surface. At the

same time, its non-comedogenic quality makes it ideal to use on areas

that have many skin pores, such as your face.


Types of emu oil products


When used on eczema sites, emu oil works instantly to cut down on the

pain and inflammation that the patient feels and eventually you will

find that your skin is clearing up very quickly. There are different

products now out on the market whose active ingredient is emu oil.

There is the pure emu oil itself which can be applied directly on

eczema sites to relieve the dryness, itchiness and flaky skin that

results. There is emu oil moisturizer which is used to moisturize the

skin, particularly on the face, once you have properly cleansed and

toned facial skin. Emu oil shampoo and emu body lotion will moisturize the skin on the

rest of your body, after bathing or showering. Emu oil soap is

recommended for use on irritated skin so that the affected site can be

cleansed without further irritation.


Unfortunately, there is no known cure for eczema at present. However,

if you use emu oil on your eczema sites, it is believed that the

symptoms can be greatly relieved. Since eczema is linked to cases of

allergy in children and adults, it is wise to look for the causes of

the allergic reaction so that skin will not get irritated as a result.



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