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Do Omega-3 Vitamins Help with Hair Growth?

Do omega-3 helps in hair growth? Actually, there is no study conducted on omega-3ís beneficial effects for hair growth. But since one needs to be healthy in order to have that amazing healthy hair growth, it can be said that omega-3 helps in hair growth.

Omega-3 is needed or at least a great factor in hair growth since our hair is a hardened protein. Being that, it needs enough supplements of vitamins and other nutrients for a healthier and more beautiful hair growth. Many hair specialists also recommend taking of vitamin-rich food while treating hair to grow faster than the average. Though no certain study proved the efficacy of omega-3 in hair growth, being a good vitamin makes it a necessary nutrient for a better hair.

There is, however, one scientific study in Japan conducted to learn about the effects of fatty acids in fish oil to hair loss. The study concluded that having rich fatty acid intake can help prevent hair loss. Thus, having sufficient fatty acid can help a lot in hair growth. One of the best sources of fatty acid is the omega-3 found in emu oil shampoo.

Moreover, omega-3 has certain nutrients that are found to be helpful in hair growth. These are the alpha linolic acid, the docosahexaenioc acid, and the ecoesapentoionc acid. With these contents, omega-3 can also be considered as a helpful nutrient in hair growth.

There are also some hair specialists that recommend the inclusion of omega-3 in a diet if one is experiencing hair loss. They say that omega-3 is helpful in preventing more hair loss.

Although there is still a debate whether omega-3 helps in hair growth with vitamins, it is still considered by many nutritionists as an essential part for healthy living. Though no certain study was done in the relation of omega-3 and hair growth, there are still studies about this nutrient relating to heart and brain. Omega-3 is a proven element helpful for a healthier heart and brain. It even improves intelligence quotient. So, even if omega-3 does not directly improve hair growth, it can still be helpful to anyone.

If you are interested on omega-3 and its good effects to hair, heart, and brain, better take foods with rich omega-3. Eat more salmon, sardines, halibut, albacore, herring, trout, walnut, canola oil, and flaxseed oil. Omega-3 is also found in shrimps, light chunk tuna, clams, cod, spinach, and catfish.