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Best Hair Products & Treatments - Must Read!

We have a lot of people ask us to explain what are the best hair products and why and we reply the same way every time. We have researched that very question for over ten years and what we have found is nothing short of amazing and we strongly believe that they are the best products for healing your hair and maintaining healthy hair. The best hair products focus on the root, the hair and the scalp!

Most hair brands on the market and this includes the major salon brands focus more on making your hair look good! that may sound appealing at first but then you have to realize what we are saying. They are not trying to make your hair healthy from the root up - instead they are trying to make your hair LOOK HEALTHY!

Looking healthy and being healthy are two totally different things. Looking healthy on takes coatings on the hair while being healthy is a ground up process that starts in the root of the hair.

Herbal Extracts:

As far as healthy hair products and skin products goes herbal extracts have been proven as nature healers. They work and there is no getting around that. However very few (none we could find other than Purity) use enough of the actual herbal extract to matter. you read it right.


The same was found with amino acids and other ingredients that can actually help the hair.

PH - most of the major brands had a PH that was not conducive to creating a healthy atmosphere in the scalp to prevent serious hair problems like certain fungus and mites that are implicated in hair loss, thinning, dandruff, dermatitis, slow growth, damaged hair and much more.


Then we found amazing Salon & Spa Beauty Products - this brand does an amazing job with finding the perfect herbal extract combination to use for specific hair & scalp problems and they PH their products in a range that is conducive to healthy hair and scalp environment. This is vital to solving and preventing many hair problems! So finding a good shampoo for dry hair or a shampoo for oily hair is more than just reading the front of the bottle - it is also about reading the ingredients on the bottle. And for those that are suffering from more complicated hair complications such as hair thinning, hair falling or just outright hair loss then we suggest that you examine the nutrition angle and research the fact that your hair might be getting the hair vitamins or the stimulation that it might need. Healthy Hair growth vitamins can play an important role in nursing your hair back to health. Stimulant shampoos - also referred to as hair growth shampoos can help bring blood flow to the root of the hair where it is vital for the root to get proper nutrition.

The products that you will find on this site and that includes the Boost hair vitamins, hair growth products and all the others are manufactured by Boost. You can also have custom made skin care and hair care products manufactured by Boost.







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