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Optimal Hair Growth!

This is Our Specialty! The Root, The Scalp & Hair Reproduction 


"I love the Boost Extreme Growth Products - They Are The Best!"

David Flouronoy - Florida


Boost Stimulant and Nutrition Shampoo (2 month supply)

$12.95 for 12 oz


    hair growth shampoo


This hair growth shampoo has stimulants and nutrition so that your hair will grow to its maximum potential. Herbs, proteins, aminos and more make this our top customer choice for growing out their hair or maximizing its growth potential.




Boost Stimulant Conditioner (thickens hair instantly)

$12.95 for 8 oz




This conditioner is designed to work in conjunction with the shampoo to build serious strength into the hair while adding stimulants directly to the scalp. It is designed to over protect hair and to keep from snapping and breaking as result of weak hair. This conditioner only has to be used a couple of times per week to be extremely effective.



Boost Vitamins For Hair  (1 month supply)

$17.95 for 60 pills




Boost vitamins is the most complete hair vitamin on the market without the hefty price tag that many competitors try to get just because they can. Boost has over 10 years of research in it finding the perfect combination of ingredients to get hair its absolute healthiest and growing the way that it should. Try for yourself and find out why everyone is talking about Boost!



Boost Hair Growth Spray

$17.95 for 8 oz  (2 month supply)



This spray is great for adding nutrition directly to the root of the hair. Over 5 tested and stimulating targeted herbal extracts increase blood flow while proteins and aminos deliver nutrition directly  to the root. It is a tested stimulant combination that worked for both men and women for stimulating hair growth.



Boost Intense Root Therapy serum

$19.95 for 2 oz (one month supply)

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This is for those that have noticeable signs of thinning anywhere on the scalp. This therapy is so advanced that it can even help with thinning hair at the front part of the scalp as well as for diffuse thinning.




"This is the best product that I have found for repairing damaged hair - you should call damage repair versus just split end mend!"

Mara Wellington  Tennessee


We Guarantee Healthier Hair From A More Natural Based Product!
Repair and Protect Hair From All Damage and Not Just Splitting
Softer, Healthier, Shinier, No Frizz, No Damaged Look!






"All Your Hair Products are really good - I love the Split End Mend and The Rebalance Shampoo and Conditioner. My hair feels like it went to Heaven!"

Marissa Soota   New Jersey

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