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Burns on the scalp can come from a variety of sources such as chemicals burns that occur during a chemical procedure like hair coloring, relaxing or they can come from flat irons, curling irons and other hair appliances. They can also come from a sun burn or just a regular burn that can be caused by everyday occurrences.

For many these burns can cause serious scalp issues and even interfere with hair growth. The absolute best product that we have found for scalp burns is emu oil with a combination of jojoba oil and tea tree oil along with vitamin e. This is very important as the tea tree oil helps to keep the burn from getting infected which can lead to long term serious issues.

Emu oil has been tested for healing burns and is used in burn clinics across America to heal burns without scarring or further damage and also alleviates the itch and pain that goes along with a burn. We strongly suggest that you get started as soon as possible to heal your burn if you have this problem.


Omega Oil for healing Scalp Burns!


$14.95 for 2 oz (typical 2 month supply)

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To prevent serious scalp and skin issues we recommend starting with Omega oil immediately after you have had a scalp burn.


Directions: Apply a few drops to your scalp just before bed. Massage in lightly. You can also add a few drops to your shampoo every time that you shampoo. We also recommend emu shampoo for those that don't want to aggravate their burns with regular shampoos.








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