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Colored Hair That Is Healthy!

Shine, Brilliance, Radiant Color!

 Color Lasts 3 x Times Longer!

 Hair is 5 x stronger!  

As soon as 5 days after getting hair colored it can become dry

lifeless, limp and dull! This means that hair has lost its

protein structure and moisture levels. Get it back!


Size: 12 oz Color Perfection Shampoo & 

        8 oz Color Perfection Conditioner

Only $23.95 for Combo (limited time offer)     

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"The biggest problem that I had was that my hair looked good for about 2 weeks after it was colored and then it turned into this drab mess! Color Perfection has made a huge difference in how healthy my hair looks and how long the color lasts - no more breakage either"

Christina Gaines - South Carolina


"My favorite - what an amazing shampoo! It is now my favorite daily shampoo. The dull, limp and super dry hair is replaced with this amazing new, great feeling and styling hair."

Harold Crane - New Mexico


Color Lasts Up to 100% Longer
Brighter, Vibrant more Intense Color For Longer
Creates Healthy Hair From Root To Tip
Each Use Builds Up "optimal moisture"
Makes Hair Up To 5 x Stronger
Many Shampoos Promote Burns From Flat Iron - NOT US!


OPTIMAL Hair Color - Most shampoos simply strip away color and even others do nothing to rebuild the protein strand that is damaged during coloring. Rebuild the structure of your hair and see how amazing it can look. 5 x stronger and color lasts 3 times longer. BRILLIANCE - SHINE - HEALTH - STRENGTH - RADIANCE - MOISTURIZED!



"Inside Out" Hair Cell Moisture - Not Coating Chemicals Like Most!
Most Shampoos Actually Strip the Hair of Moisture- Color Perfection uses Drench Technology to Super Hydrate The Cortex of The Hair.
Works For All Hair Types Including Caucasian, Asian, African American, Latino and much more.
Prevents Damage Caused by Hot Styling Tools - Flat Irons - Dryers
Works On All Hair Types for Healthy Hair Creation!


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Color Perfection Shampoo

12 oz


lasting color shampoo




Color Perfection Conditioner

8 oz

color conditioner




Deep Treatment

8 oz




Color Perfection Combo

hair color shampoo