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What Causes and Heals Cradle Cap

A cradle cap is a usual term used for the condition that develops to babies or to newborns. This causes red and scaly crust or patches usually on the scalp. The baby’s scalp looks as if it has dandruff. The condition is a result of active oil glands in the head and also in the face. It can also affect the ears, neck and armpits. It is sad to see that the fragile head of your baby gets cradle cap. Cradle cap condition is not serious. There are several methods to treat cradle cap. As the baby grows and proper treatment is given, it will fade away in time.

The specific cause of cradle cap is not yet known. The baby encountered hormonal changes after birth is some what related to the cause of cradle cap. The over production of oil glands can also result to the condition. A child can have cradle cap until a he reaches 1 but beyond that age, children with cradle cap is very unusual and might have some kind of allergy or ailment. If this happens, go and have your child checked by a pediatrician. The condition on which the cradle cap reaches the neck, the face and the armpits is called seborrheic dermatitis by pediatricians. Cradle cap doesn’t give the baby any uncomfortable feeling although the parents are the ones upset with the condition of the baby.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

Cradle cap is a common condition of babies. When the baby’s oil producing glands work properly, the baby will eventually get rid of it. The prevention usually done by parents is by shampooing but this will not stop the oil glands from having excess oil. There are some things that can be done to control cradle cap. Some things that can help control cradle cap are discussed below:

Wash the hair more often and brush the hair with soft brush. The scales should be loosened using brush with soft bristles before rinsing the shampoo.

If shampooing doesn’t reduce the flaking, you may try to use emu or jojoba oil. Your baby is surely going to get well with cradle cap for as long as proper hygiene is done. Do not take it as a burden on your part as a parent even if the treatment will take several weeks to get rid of cradle cap completely.









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