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custom hair care products


Custom Hair Products


Many of customers know what they want in their shampoos and conditioners so we have offered a service to have us make your shampoo by the half gallon or gallon.


We allow you to pick the ingredients to add to your shampoos and we even allow you to pick the surfactants along with the preservatives. We give you a guide to help you and remember that each of these products is above salon grade. We take great pride in offering you products that work to heal your hair and scalp problems.


You pick:

-the surfactant

-the fragrance or lack of

-the herbs (we have a guide)

-how much aloe to use

-the oils you want to use (we offer a guide)

- and much more


Remember that we already an amazing list of shampoo and conditioners that have proven ingredients to end your hair problems however since some of you have asked we will oblige in custom shampoos and conditioners and tonics!


Cost Shampoos:

1/2 gallon  $39.95

1 gallon     $54.95


Cost Conditioners:

1/2 gallon $41.95

1 gallon    $59.95












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