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What Causes Hair Damage?  

The main causes of hair damage are cheap hair products, styling hair with heat without protecting it first and not replenishing moisture that is lost during styling!      

The hair has variety of textures depending on the hair type and in the way you take good care of it. Hair can experience a range of damages like split ends because of undergoing different hair treatments and using of chemicals and hair irons. If the hair is taken care of and healthy, you donít have to do anything but to maintain it using your preferred shampoo and conditioner.

Healthy Hair

A healthy hair is protected from too much exposure to the sun and a moderate use of chemicals if you want your hair treated. Free your hair from damage by knowing the causes of damaged hair. Below are factors that cause the hair to become damaged:

The chemicals you use to treat your hair like straightening chemicals, perms and hair colors make the hair cuticles swell and it goes underneath the scalp, and leave the hair rough and weak causing the hair to come off. Perms and other treatments similar to it eliminate the proteins needed by the hair. Be careful in using different chemicals for hair treatment. Some chemicals cause the structure of the hair to weaken.

Some practices you do to your hair cause it to be damaged without you realizing it. After taking a bath, rubbing the hair too much causes friction that makes the hair to be more damaged. Using a brush or rough comb too much may also break the hair. Some accessories you use for you hair like barrettes or rubber bands can cause abrasions to the hair strands.

Too much use of blow dryers, hair iron and curlers can damage the cuticles of the hair making it more brittle and weak. Exposure of the hair to ultraviolet rays can make it more damaged. A healthy hair is not affected by just a little exposure to the sun. People who had their hair treated should be extra cautious to the effects of ultraviolet rays. Chemically treated hair is more prone to damage with the addition of the harmful rays of the sun.

Poor nutrition can contribute to a hair becoming unhealthy and damaged. Eating small amount of fruits and vegetables and too much of foods rich in additives can make the hair to grow slowly. Food consumption has a major effect in the hair because the scalp needs a good blood circulation and a blood that is healthy and oxygenated. In todayís lifestyle, the reliance of some people to instant meals and junk foods does not make anything good to the hair. This only means that those people are not getting the necessary vitamins and minerals for good nutrition thus resulting not only to a weak body but to an unhealthy hair as well. Lack of nutrition can even cause hair thinning in women and men.

Another factor that causes the hair to become damaged is the lack of sleep. People are recommended to have at least 8-10 hours sleep. Studies have shown that lack of sleep causes some hormonal imbalances in the human body that result to hair loss. Deprivation of sleep is due to the fast-paced lifestyle of people. Lack of sleep causes fatigue and stress that will eventually lead to hair loss. Research and studies have proven that the body functions better if there is adequate and proper sleep in a relaxing room. The same is true with your hair. Remember, the hair is a part of your body.

The factors mentioned above are just some of the causes of hair damage. The most important thing to remember is to have a clean and healthy lifestyle. By changing two usual routines you do to your hair can help eliminate hair damage such as split ends or dry hair .


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