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deep treatment hair mask for dry and damaged hair

Deep Treatment Hair Mask

Create Healthy Hair Today:

Your Hair Needs an 8% Moisture Level! 

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Most People Have a 6% to 7% Moisture Level! Restore healthy hair moisture levels with this amazing hair masque. See results better than $100 salon treatments.



Sold For $40 per treatment in spas and salons!


Size: 8 oz Deep Treatment Hair Restoration

Only $28.95 for Deep Treatment Mask    


Deep treatment Hair Mask to repair or restore hair after damage, styling or heat as well as hair coloring damage.

Hydration and Healing hair therapy with a natural based protein and herbal enriched treatment that will give big results with just one application to restore vitality to weak or processed hair. This product is guaranteed to revive even the most damaged or fried hair and turn it back into healthy hair with great feel, hold, moisture and more.

Balance the hair and scalp as they should be by putting the correct moisture back into the hair.

Most women realize that when they go to a salon to repair their hair they simply put on a healing deep treatment masque. Now you can do this in the privacy of your own home and get about 15 treatments for the price of about 1/2 treatment would cost you in a salon.

SAVE OVER $125 compared to salon costs for same amount!



Deep Treatment

8 oz for $28.95


heal damaged hair treamtent




"My Hair was so dried out and lifeless that no conditioner would help it. I decided to try your deep treatment! It made a difference after just one time. My hair really does look incredible again!"

Maria Stone - Knoxville Tennessee






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  deep treatment for damaged hair