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Dry Hair? Rebalance Your Hair With Proven Herbs To End Dryness:

Moisture Times (x) 10!  

It would take 5 drug store bought dry hair shampoos to equal the

moisturizing & healing power of Boost Rebalance for Dry, Limp &

Damaged hair!


Size: 12 oz Dry Hair Moisture Shampoo &

        8 oz Moisture Conditioner


Only $27.95 for Combo (limited time offer)     



Outperforms Salon Shampoos & Treatments!!!





Before                  After

Moisture Content was less than 7% before using Rebalance. Now It is

over 8%. Styling with a flat iron was no problem! The hair is much healthier!


"I was pleased to see that this shampoo didn't use any of the heavy coatings that can react with a flat iron and burn your hair. Works very good on dry - My results were like a makeover you see on TV!"

Christina Gaines - South Carolina


"My favorite - what an amazing shampoo! It is now my favorite daily shampoo. The dull, limp and super dry hair is replaced with this amazing new, great feeling and styling hair."

Harold Crane - New Mexico


Ends Split Ends It Just One Use - Heals Damaged Hair
Get Complete Control Over Your Hair - Root to Tip!
Protects Against Further Damage from Blow Drying Or Heat
Each Use Builds Up "Optimal Moisture"
5 Times The Moisturizing Power of Store Bought Products


OPTIMAL MOISTURE - Even though many products claim to have moisture and healing properties, instead they use harsh coating substances that simply seal the hair but this prevents moisture from entering the hair. NOT REBALANCE Shampoo and Conditioner! It uses "Inside Out" Moisture Therapy to give you real moisture that heals styling, color, heat and perm damage. Get Healthy Hair Today - Order Now!

It Would Take 5 Store Bought Shampoos

To Equal The Power of Rebalance!


"Inside Out" Hair Cell Moisture - Not Coating Chemicals Like Most!
Complete Control When Hair Has The Proper Moisture Levels!
Works For All Hair Types Including Caucasian, Asian, African American, Latino and much more.
One of Our Top Selling Hair Therapy and Every Day use Hair Products
Works On All Hair Types for Healthy Hair Creation!


Rebalance Will Work For You and Your Dry, Brittle Hair Problems! Order Today!

The life had been sucked out of Christy's Hair! Her hair was extremely fragile and broke easily. Rebalance Shampoo, Conditioner and Boost Deep Treatment revitalized her hair is just days!


"My hair feels so soft and healthy instead of thick, coarse and dry! Boost Products had the magic touch"

Kristy Kelly - San Fernando Valley


"Great products for coarse, frizzy hair. Really love the Rebalance Moisture Shampoo"

Prissy Kelly - New Jersey





Rebalance Moisture Shampoo (12 oz)

dry hair shampoo





Rebalance Moisture Conditioner (8 oz)

moisture shampoo Rebalance





Rebalance Moisture Combo (full size)

herbal moisture hair shampoo and conditioner combination