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There are many different reasons for falling hair and they include the following:

Excess Candida - a big problem for women and many men as well.

solution: Clearing Spray, Purify Shampoo, Purify Conditioner



Hormone Reaction - seen in many men and in women after menopause.

Solution: Hair Gro Serum, Purify Shampoo to remove hormones, Hair Vitamins


Dermatitis - scalp itching and rashes can cause hair fall in both men and women as well as teens. The cause of dermatitis and other scalp conditions has been found to be scalp fungus. The Clearing Spray below is great for scalp fungus and candida scalp problems.

Lack of Nutrition to the scalp. We suggest the Boost Hair Growth Products to solve this problem including the Hair Gro Serum, Follicle Spray, Hair Growth Shampoo and Hair Vitamins. All of these together work great to get your hair back where it needs to be.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________ focuses on products that strive to get you healthy hair by correcting the ph balance, removing fungus and itch problems and also to stimulate hair to grow as it should. Other problems such as frizzy hair and dry hair can be precursors to serious problems. Solve them now with professional and targeted strength products that will create the environment that your scalp needs to grow health hair.


Here is also our healthier hair growth kit to help those with falling hair that need stimulation to the root of the hair and nutrition. The kit includes full size products and saves you over $12.

falling hair kit


     Complete for $31.95






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