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Hair Oils:  How They Can Help Scalp & Hair

The Top 5 Hair Oils

1. Jojoba Oil. This oil mimics sebum from the skin! It provides all day moisture where as most herbs and aloe only last for hours. Jojoba oil is known to prevent acne, super moisturize, protect hair against damage, hydrate the scalp for all day hydration. It deep cleanses the hair follicle for super healthy hair groth

2. Argan Oil also called Moroccan oil. The best moisturizing oil for your hair and scalp and it is light! It is loaded with omega 3's for optimal growth! And has been the oil of queens as many of the royal families swear by the power of this oil for healthy scalp and hair. It cuts down drying time by over 30% meaning less exposure to heat and of course less damage.

3. Emu Oil - this 'wonder oil' is used for so many hair and skin problems that it has become the leading scalp and hair oil. Its healing properties and hair growth properties are second to none. It is a little heavier than the other two oils.


Top 5 Scalp Oil Blends

Dandruff Symptom Scalp Oil Complex


Optimal Growth Hair Oil Complex


Dry Scalp Oil Complex



Hair Oils Penetrate Deeper and Offer More Effective Hair & Scalp Solutions!

The cliché your hair is your crowning glory holds true for most people, since it is one of the things that leave a lasting impression when you first meet someone. The way you that you carry your hair, your haircut, your hairstyle and even hair texture are all visible traits which can greatly affect the way that other people look at you. This is the reason why we need to take extra care of our hair. Our hair and scalp, just like our skin, needs special care and attention. 

There are three basic hair types: oily hair, dry hair and normal hair. Take a look at a brief description of these three hair types and learn about some ways to manage them:

- Oily hair is accompanied by oily skin and scalp many times. When the glands over-secrete oil, the hair and scalp tends to get oily. This 'greasy' hair feeling would not come off even after washing. If your hair is oily, avoid eating oily foods and have a healthy serving of green leafy vegetables and fruits. Use this shampoo for oily hair.

- Dry hair is caused by inactive oil glands. Overexposure to sunlight, the use of strong shampoos and color treatments causes hair to dry.  The absolute best oils for dry hair are jojoba oil, argan (Moroccan) oil and emu oil!

Balanced Hair Is Healthy Hair

- Balanced or normal hair is the most ideal among the hair types.  Normal hair is shiny but not oily, the texture is well-balanced and it is not dry at all.  A good balanced diet and proper hair care is needed if you want to maintain a healthy and normal hair type.

However, no matter which type of hair you have, it needs to be given special care and conditioning.  The use of hair oils moisturize the scalp, it provides hair nutrients to the sebaceous glands and promotes hair growth.  Below are the different kinds of hair oils, which have all been found to be helpful in the maintenance and conditioning of hair:

Emu oil, Argan Oil (also called Moroccan) and Jojoba Oils are the king of hair oils as it gets hair growing again and helps to eliminate scalp conditions.

These hair oils are alternative cures and may be mixed together to come up with powerful blends used in hair conditioning.  Natural hair oils are a gift from nature with no side effects.  Now that you know what these natural hair oils are used for, you do not need to spend too much on tons of hair products to bring out the natural beauty of your hair.


Emu "Omega"  Shampoo


12 oz

best emu oil shampoo



Emu "Omega" Conditioner


8 oz

best emu oil conditioner


Emu Omega Combo 



emu oiil for hair




Derm Organic Argan

Oil Shampoo

$14.75  - 12 oz

hair oil shampoo

Derm Organic Argan

Oil Conditioner

$13.75   8 oz

argan oil conditioner


Derm Organic Argan Combo


     12 oz shampoo, 8 oz conditioner

morrocan oil shampoo


Pure Jojoba Oil 4 oz

Normally $17.95

Now Only $15.95

best jojoba oil



Pure Argan (moroccan) Oil 4 oz

Normally $19.95

Now Only $16.95

morrocan hair oil


Derm Organic Argan Kit


12 oz shampoo, 8 oz conditioner, 4 oz oil







Hair Oils

"Jojoba" Oil

Jojoba oil can be used several different ways.

1) It can be used by itself and massaged into the scalp and left on.

2) It can be added to the shampoo in your hand ( a few drops after you pour the shampoo into your hand) and then wash your hair with it). It will deep cleanse the hair root and super moisturize when you do this)

pure golden jojoba oil

Pure Jojoba Oil 4 oz

Normally $17.95

Now Only $14.95




Argan "Moroccan" Leave In Treatment Oil

argan oil


Pure Argan (Moroccan) Oil 4 oz

Normally $19.95

Now Only $16.95



Hair Oils Can Establish Healthy Hair and Scalp in Just A Few Uses!





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