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     -Growth Conditioner

     -Hair Vitamins

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- Healthy Scalp

- Dandruff

- Dry Hair

- Oily Hair

- Damaged Hair

- Thicker Hair

- Thinning Hair

- Faster Growth

- Hair Vitamins



- Acne Treatments

- Body skin Firm

- Cellulite

- Stretch Marks

- Spider Veins

- Face Skin Firming

- Scars

- Dark Circles

- Sun Damaged

- Skin Rashes

- Dry Skin



We carry several different hair oils but the two best selling are jojoba oil and emu oil.


Jojoba Oil

split ends, dryness,

 no frizz, deep cleansing


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Omega Emu Oil

hair growth, scalp itch,

dry scalp & hair

emu, jojoba, primrose


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Dry Hair Oil Blend





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Boost Oil Deep Therapy

combination of oils designed to replenish omegas, prevent hair loss, stimulate roots!


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Tea Tree & Omega Blend

detoxifying blend that can be

used for dandruff, dermatitis,

lice prevention and expulsion,

scalp itch and more.


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Many people that oils in the hair means that your hair will we weighted down or that they cannot get the oil out after they put it in the hair. However those that are in the know, know exactly how to use these oils and understand exactly how beneficial they are.

Jojoba Oil for hair has been used for many years to heal split ends, dry scalp, dry hair, coarse problems and issues as well as it is used to deep cleanse the scalp or harmful toxins. The benefits of jojoba oil are too numerous to mention but you should know that it is a top seller and used in hot oil treatments but most companies don't understand how to tell you to use it and that is the most important part.

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Also read about greasy hair solutions that will help to remove the excess grease and replace it with healthy scalp oils that nourish the hair root and prevent dry hair as well as hair breakage and hair damage for excess hair drying and hair styling.




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