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Oily Itchy Scalp and Hair

If you suffer from an oily itchy scalp then we strongly suggest that you read more about how you can end this problem with our Purifying shampoo. Most people don't understand how susceptible the human body is to fungus and mites. Fungus and mites have been implicated in everything from allergies to eczema to psoriasis, skin itching, scalp itching, dandruff, dermatitis and especially in oily itchy scalp situations.

Your body is constantly fighting off fungus on a daily basis and even allows a certain amount to live inside and attached to the body. The problem arises when there is an imbalance in the skin or scalp. This usually starts with high ph hair shampoos (99% off the shampoos have high ph). The high ph creates an environment for the microscopic fungus or mites to grow out of balance.

Our hair products are designed to re-balance the scalp and detoxify the scalp as well as regulate the oil that the scalp produces since they live off of the sebum. The result is an amazingly healthy scalp that operates as it should.


Purify  Detoxifying Natural Shampoo (PH is perfect  and it regulates oil production in the scalp)

$12.95 for 12 oz

(typical 2 month supply)

eliminate the cause of an oily and itchy scalp



Purify Detox Conditioner (PH Perfect - controls oil production)

$12.95 for 8 oz

(typical 2 month supply)

conditioner that uses herbals extracts to remove bacteria that causes itching



Order The Kit and Save

$22.95 for for the combination




Oily Hair & Scalp Problems Solved


Oily Itchy Scalp Works By Clearing serious scalp issues is not just a shampoo and you are done. odds are that there is damage that has to be repaired to let the body heal itself and restoring proper ph, ridding the scalp of fungus problems (most of us have them) and detoxifing the root and scalp are vital. We can help - let us you to get healthy hair again and get back to the way that you want your scalp to feel - healthy. The absolute best way to get rid of the itch it get rid of the bacteria.





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