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best shampoo for oily hair and scalp

 Oily Hair & Scalp? - "SOLVE THE PROBLEM"! 

  To Get Rid Of Oil Hair You Need These 4 Herbs !  

  Thyme, Sage, Fenugreek, Burdock! These are the cleansing herbs that create

  perfect hair & scalp! Read why these work when all others fail!!!



shampoo for oily hair that uses herbs


Size: 8 oz Purify Shampoo & 8 oz Purify Conditioner

 A Therapeutic Herbal Blend To End Oily Hair Without Drying Hair or   Damaging the Scalp! No Parabens! No Mineral Oil! Eliminate Greasy

Hair Fast & Long Term.



 Normally $28.95

 Now Only $25.95 for Kit (limited time offer)     

 Low cost shipping!





Guaranteed To Eliminate Oily Hair Through Herbal Cleansing

Does Not Strip Hair of Vital Moisture - Cleanses Heavy Sebum

Deep Cleanses Hair Follicle - Prevents Future Oily Hair Problems

A Top Seller - Create Perfect Hair (not too oily - not too dry)

Long Term Solution (Not just a Stripping Shampoo)



How We Found The Solution To Oily Hair & Scalp!


As Sufferers of oily hair and oily scalp ourselves a few of us began our quest to develop the absolute best oily hair shampoo - but we wanted it herbal based!! We wanted a shampoo that didn't strip like the harsh Clarifying Shampoos on the market AND had a long term effect on oils. We found 4 specific herbs that eliminate the cause of overly  or excessive hair oil production. IT WORKS!


We wanted to stop the sebum gland from producing too much sebum or oil and we did! WE FOUND THE FORMULA THAT WILL END YOUR OILY ISSUES!





Your Oily Hair & Scalp Shampoo Strips - We Don't!

The best oily hair shampoo won't strip your scalp instead it will prevent your sebum glands inside the hair follicles from producing too much oil or sebum at the root or follicle level. This SOLVES THE PROBLEM!



What's The Difference - Why Does Boost Work Better?

Controlling the oils on your scalp is very beneficial if you scalp is overly greasy. This is because most if the imbalance in the scalp is from excess oil or excess cholesterol in the scalp and this leads to conditions such as dandruff, certain versions of itchy scalp, scalp dermatitis and much more.



Our Herbal Products Work Different Than Harsh Stripping And Clarifying Shampoos - We Got To The Heart Of The Problem & Solved It With Very Special Herbs! more below!


Purify By Boost shampoo & Conditioner for oily scalp and hair deposits special herbs and other natural ingredients that tell the scalp's sensors that you do not need to produce any more oils.


By regulating the amount of oils on the scalp you prevent both oily and dry hair problems. Most other shampoos simply clear off the oil resulting in the scalp working overtime to make more because its sensors tell it that the scalp is dry.



  Works For All Hair Types:

  African American    Caucasian    Latino   Asian   Native American  etc...


"With other shampoos I had to keep using them and eventually they would make my hair and scalp dry. With  your Purify Shampoo I found balance right away and my hair is normal again!"

Nathan Mils - Birmingham - Alabama


"The other shampoo and conditioner that I used left my hair super frizzy and dry ...but it got rid of the oil! WITH PURIFY I never had any dry hair went from oil ridden to perfect!!!

 Erica Bienz - Houston Texas


Removes Build Up At The Hair Follicle Opening and Beneath
Removes Build Up So that Bacteria Can Be Flushed
Regulates The Amount Of Oil Produced By The Scalp
Won't Dry Out Hair But Instead Moisturizes
Pure and Natural Ingredient! Extremely Effective But Gentle on Scalp Skin



60 Day - No Questions Asked

Money Back Guarantee!

Make sure that you review the oily scalp shampoo that you are using as it may be causing serious long term damage by over drying or stripping the vital moisture barrier of the scalp. The result can be dandruff, flaking and much more.  Boost Hair Products are reviewed as the best hair shampoos because of their healing abilities.






"My hair must have been really loaded down with junk on the hair roots and on the scalp...Purify Shampoo and Conditioner gave my hair new life! VERY GOOD!

Denia Kelly -NY NY


"My Goal was to get rid of oily scalp issues that I have had for years. I tried your purify shampoo and it is truly the best for greasy hair and scalp!

Marist Beachum -AZ


Specials Listed Today - For A Limited Time Only! Order Today!





Purify Shampoo For Oily Hair 8 oz


greasy scalp and hair cleanser shampoo






Purify Conditioner For Oily Hair 8 oz

(end oily hair issues)


conditioner for greasy scalp and hair



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