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Emu Shampoo & Conditioner The Fountain Of Youth!

This Amazing Ingredient Gives Inside Out Moisture and Root Up Cellular Growth For Maximum Growth and Hair Health!

  1. Emu Oil Shampoo has Omega Oils (emu Oil) Visually Prevents Hair Fall

  2. Omegas Have Been Known To Help Prevent Graying Of Hair with Extreme Nutrition

  3. Adds Potent Moisture to Hair (Inside Out Moisture That Dimethicone Can't)

  4. Omegas Are An Integral Component To Build Collagen (healthier hair)

  5. Omegas Feed The Hair Root (the reproducing part of the hair)

  6. Called a "Hair Makeover In a Bottle"


emu oil shampoo

What You Need To Know! Omegas are Proven To Replenish Cellular Activity that is involved hair growth and hair health. The best moisturizer for your hair and scalp. The best ingredient to prevent premature hair aging. Rebuilds Hair from the root to the tip!


 Size: 12 oz Shampoo and 8 oz Conditioning Treatment

 A Therapeutic Shampoo!


 Normally $33.95

 Now Only $25.95 for Kit (limited time offer)     

 Low cost shipping!






Interesting Fact!

Called "The Fountain of Hair Youth” by the press. Studies have linked emu oil to prevention of premature aging of the hair including visibly thinning hair, graying hair and dry hair.


This amazing ingredient provides moisture to the inner layers or deep layers of the hair and the scalp rebuilding vital moisture pockets that keep hair cells reproducing correctly and acting (styling) correctly. By reaching the cellular levels, you penetrate, like no topical application can into the scalp where the manufacturing of collagen nd hair replication occurs. This provides essential nutritional components (mainly omegas) to the cell where it can work effectively for amazing "youthful hair" results.



  Works For All Hair Types:

  African American    Caucasian    Latino   Asian   Native American  etc...


"At 35 I noticed my hair starting to change into this strawy, slow growing thing! I read about emu oil and how good omegas were for the scalp and hair. I choose your emu shampoo and it is now my favorite"

Stephanie Gaines - North Carolina


"The best brand of shampoo that I have used! My hair feels hydrated and fuller- sounds crazy but my hair feels ripe or like it is blooming like a big beautiful rose - corny,  I know!"

 Bethany Curtis  -


Call The Fountain of Youth For Hair
Potent Cellular Nutrition for Root and Up Regeneration
Prevents Premature Hair Aging
Rebuilds Optimal Collagen Level in Hair and Scalp
Hair That has been styled with irons or heat need inside out moisture from emu oil




"What I Would Give To Have Found This Shampoo and Few Years Ago! My hair feels incredible! Great smelling and leaves my hair super soft and controllable.

David Belle - Virginia


   The result:

  • Healthier Looking Hair

  • Younger Looking and Feeling Hair

  • Renewed Vibrance of the Life of Your Hair

  • Collagen Rich Hair Cell production

  • Lack of breakdown from stressors such as free radicals

  • More resilient to the appearance of aging

  • Much younger looking and feeling hair - the best moisturizer for your hair!



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Many people have asked us what sets Boost apart from the hair vitamins, stimulants, hair loss products and follicle stimulators on the market. The answer is that we have tested over 100 different combinations ingredients and have the perfect combination to get your growing as it should.

Many people use Boost for faster growing hair, to prevent or heal breakage, grow out hair for weddings or special occasions and many have used it for fall, loss or thinning. Boost works equally well for men and women and works amazingly effective for African Americans, Caucasian Americans, Asian Americans and more.

If you have questions about the products you can simply click on the link above to see ingredients or you can use the live chat button to get super quick answers. Boost - the ultimate vitamin in a shampoo, conditioner and bottle!

Based on feedback from previous clients we expect your locks to grow much healthier in just a month or two and then pace will become much more rapid as the rate explodes. Compare Boost products to other products that cost almost 3 times as much. Buy from the distributor and save over what you would normally have to pay.

"Boost is the most complete package for growing out my hair that I have found."

"I checked the ingredients in Boost and was shocked at how much the ingredients have been tested and proven effective unlike other products on the market."

"Boost is very affordable!"

"When you compare the ingredients on Boost to other products I am shocked at how affordable you made them."



Emu Shampoo

12 oz




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Emu Conditioner

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Emu Combo

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