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Vitamins and Gray Hair Prevention

Grey hair actually makes someone look older than their real age. The graying of hair is a not a rare thing and people suffering from it find effective ways of preventing it. Early occurrence of gray hair is associated with genetic heredity. As the person starts to age, his hair turns gray. If the case of graying hair starts at an early age like during teenage years, you should pay attention to its cause.

Having a gray hair is a normal thing and is a part of aging and should not worry you. The graying of hair may also occur to some people who have medical conditions, but this should not worry you if you do not have any illness.

Having inappropriate protein synthesis may cause the graying of hair. Change in hair color is brought about the pigment melanin. Often times, early graying of hair is hereditary. This means that this change in the body is also in the genes. Stress may also trigger the early graying of hair. According to studies, people who suffer from anxiety and stress over a long period of time may experience the early appearance of gray hair. The feelings sorrow, worried including malnutrition may reduce the production of melanin which results to gray hair. Also know that stress and anxiety can cause hair loss or thinning in people. Look more at our hair questions page to learn about stress and hair loss.


Gray Hair and the Causes

Early appearance of grey hair is prone to people who suffer from chronic cold and sinusitis and those that use hot water in washing their hair.  Improper diet with lack of vitamins and psychological worries are the two main causes of untimely graying of hair. Grey hair is may also be contributed by the lack of iron, vitamin B, iodine, and copper in a personís diet. Using hair dyes and electric hair dryers may also stimulate grey hair. One of the best ways to prevent graying of the hair is with nutrition and supplementation and this can be done with a good hair vitamin that uses the specified b group of vitamins and minerals that are defined to produce proper melanin and help to hair grow at its optimal.


Gray Hair, Nutrition and Prevention

It is necessary to have a balanced diet with the proper b vitamins as well as minerals, as nutrition may prevent premature graying of hair. You should take plenty of green vegetables to maintain the right supply of vitamins and minerals in your bodyís cellular reproduction or make sure that you use a good hair vitamin to supplement. Cleansing  regularly to maintain hairís cleanliness and beautiful condition. You should use shampoo and conditioner that suits the type of your hair. It is suggested to use a healthy hair shampoo that contains mild and gentle ingredients. Massage your hair while shampooing to improve blood circulation in the scalp. There are other people who take curry leaves. Naturally, curry leaves are proven to prevent gray hair formation. People who take plenty of curry leaves have shiny and radiant looking hair. You may also find hair shampoo with curry leaves that can help to prevent the graying of the hair.

Having gray hair is a common occurrence to almost everyone especially at the adulthood stage. Instead of applying blackening shampoos or hair dyes in battling with this condition, why not try some natural treatment. We all know that blackening shampoos and hair dyes have side effects.  It is better if we try some natural remedies because these will surely have no side effects. Natural remedies such as a good hair vitamin, mental relaxation, having a balanced diet and maintenance of cleanliness have considerable effects in preventing gray hair. Maintaining your youthful appearance is the best gift that you can give to yourself. So, donít waste your time trying something that you are not sure of in stopping the occurrence gray hair. Do it naturally with vitamin supplementation and a good diet!









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