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Hair Loss Prevention Products

So many people think that there is nothing they can do to help prevent hair thinning and hair loss in both men and women but the studies show differently. Nutrition and Stimulation are extremely important to hair growth and are typically much more effective when combined together and that is why we developed the Stimulating Shampoo loaded with nutrition, the Stimulating Conditioner and A complete, researched, highly effective hair vitamin that is based off over 40 studies by colleges and universities on what hair needs to grow properly!


Boost Stimulating for Growth Shampoo

$12.95 for 12 oz

(typical 2 month supply)



Boost Stimulating for Growth Conditioner

$12.95 for 8 oz

(typical 2 month supply)



Healthy Hair Vitamins - Nutrition Helps to Prevent Hair Loss & Thinning

$17.95 for 1 month supply

(typical 1 month supply)




Hair Loss Prevention:

How Vitamins Play a Big Part on Hair Growth

 We all have to admit that as we age, hair loss is the ultimate sign of retirement. Not to mention, receding hairlines definitely makes you think your forehead grew an inch wider

If your body needs to be in good health, so does your hair. Good nutrition is equally important to prevent hair loss. There are several vitamins and minerals that can help your hair maintain shine and thickness. There are several growth shampoos, conditioners, follicle sprays and vitamins that could help your hair maintain good health.

Build-up can also slow down the growth of your hair. Hair vitamins are now available in the market to strengthen and revitalize. No matter what the cause is, these vitamins will help you maintain gloss and thickness you want. Problems of hair breakage, brittleness, hair loss are just some of the hair problems we encounter. But how does vitamin really help with the growth of our hair?

Hair Supplements help in a very big way!

Vitamin A- To keep a healthy hair you need to have a healthy scalp. Build up due to conditioners and other styling products can clog your scalp pores, thus will lead to slowing down of hair growth and dandruff. Antioxidants like vitamin A will help produce sebum in you scalp. You can get this vitamin by eating nutritious foods like, cheese, fish liver oil, eggs and meat. It is also available in vegetables like broccoli, cabbage ad carrots. If you like to eat fruits, then apricots and peaches are great sources of vitamin A.

Vitamin E- All of us need antioxidants to fight certain scalp problems. And vitamin E is known to improve circulation on scalp. Shampoos with vitamin E gently cleanse the scalp surface. Shampoo these days have harsh chemicals, and are too strong for our scalp. This dries up our skin and eventually leads to more skin complications. Soybeans, raw seeds, nuts, green leafy vegetables and wheat germ oil are just some of the food sources of vitamin E. You should consult with your doctor before taking any supplements like vitamin E because in some cases, this can reduce blood clotting and increase blood pressure.

Biotin- This vitamin is very important for your hair. Our scalp follicles needs to produce, keratin. It is usually taken to keep healthy hair. For men to prevent hair loss, eating foods high in biotin will prevent this problem. Brown rice, green peas, lentils, walnuts and bulgur are some food sources of biotin. You can take supplements to get biotin part of your healthy diet.

Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5), Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 are vitamins that will prevent hair loss and graying of hair. Vitamin B6 particularly produces melanin that gives hair its color. But you have to be cautious if you take this vitamin. With high dose, this might cause numbness of hands and feet. Some food sources are: whole grain cereals, vegetables, lentils, green leafy vegetables and egg yolk.

Look in our hair growth vitamin and you will see these have been added for optimal performance.

Results will take a while before you notice the changes by using these vitamins, typically 1 to 2 months after. Doing this treatment needs consistency and patience. Always remember that it is essential to consult first your doctor before getting into any vitamin regimen.







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