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protein for your hair

Protein Shampoo & Conditioner

Repair Your Hair Today:

Hair Is Made Of Proteins - Feed It! 

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NOT JUST FOR COLOR! It is good for all chemically treated, damaged hair. Chemical treatments including color zap hair of its basic building blocks - PROTEINS! You Must Replace Them To Heal Hair!




Size: 12 oz Color Enhance Protein Shampoo & 8 oz Conditioner

Only $23.95 for Combo (limited time offer)     





What Celebrities Talk About Protein Shampoo?"

       Beyonce, Kate Hudson, Brittany Spears, Selma Hyak, Janet Jackson,

Halley Berry, Ashanti, Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey, Julia Roberts, Madonna

Why? Because Hair Is Made Of Proteins! Replacing The Proteins Protects & Heals Hair - A True Healthy Look! Repair Damage & Prevent Future Issues!



How Protein Shampoos Help with Hair & Even Color

You are tired of wearing the same hairstyle and you wanted to be in fashion.  You feel that putting streak colors or highlights on your hair is cool.  It may also be that as you age, your hair begins to turn into salt and pepper or you feel that hiding your true hair color makes you look younger and see yourself "in" with fashion.  The way you wear your hair reflects the personality in you. 

Just like your skin needs to be moisturized so as not to look dry, your hair needs to be taken care of and protected from damage.  If you have decided to put colors on your hair, the more you should protect it.  Definitely, you did not just put hair color for the heck of making it colorful but for the main reason that you want to look good.  Hair coloring can sometimes destroy your hair if not cared properly.  Some of the common problems of colored hair are as follows:

-dry hair

-frizzy hair

-brittle hair

-weak hair

-slower growing hair

-thinning over time

-easily broken when brushed

-dull hair

So if you see your hair experiencing these signs, your hair maybe damaged by chemical procedures resulting to perming, hair coloring, highlights, relaxers or heat from styling with flat irons, curling irons and a lot more.  In order to replace the chemicals that depleted your hair, your hair would definitely need protein replenishment and amino acids as well as a hair vitamin to make it healthy and grow properly. 

As you treat and care for your hair, make it a habit that you go to a hair expert for the proper use of hair care products.  Should you decide to find a hair treatment or maintenance to your colored hair, you may want to consider purchasing the following items: 

1) Protein shampoo without harsh surfactants

2) Silk protein conditioner (hydrolyzed proteins are very important)

3) Hair vitamins with amino acids and B group of vitamins

Using a rich protein shampoo is never enough. You need to see that the shampoo you are buying has no harsh surfactants.  Most hair shampoo manufactured today tend to strip the oils needed by our hair.  Look for a shampoo that helps to replenish dry hair. As our body needs vitamins, so is our hair too.  Lack of vitamins in the hair would cause slow growing, dull hair and hair damage that can sometimes cause the thinning of your hair. 

This is the reason why vitamins are vital in hair growth as they make your hair grow longer, stronger and faster.  These vitamins, amino acids and proteins are found in protein shampoos that help those with hair color problems.  Protein shampoos are a means of replenishing the oils that were taken out from our hair.  Giving hair color to your hair may not be a problem if your hair is treated with care. The use of protein shampoos would help you in maintaining health on your hair and at same time be in sync with the latest in fashion.


"If People truly understood how important proteins are to their hair they would make sure to replace them on a regular basis with hydrolyzed proteins like those found in Boost from World Of Hair!"

Janice Bellmont - Master Hair Stylist


"You have the best hair products and especially your shampoo and conditioner for hair that has been damaged by chemical treatments including relaxers, color, highlights, perms and more - great smell and great result - Hair Looks A Hundred Times Healthier!"

Marth Spritz - Alabama


Repair Damage from Perms, Color, Heat, Relaxers
Ends Dry Hair and Frizzy Hair By Replacing Protein Strands!
Protects Hair From Heat and Styling Damage - PREVENTS!!!
Broken Protein Strands Leak Moisture - Repair Them and Hydrate Hair Again!
7 Times The Protein Power Of Store Bought Shampoos and Treatments!



It Would Take 7 Store Bought Shampoos

To Equal The Power of Boost!



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Not Just For Color! Protein Based To Heal Chemically Treated or Styling Damaged Hair!



Protein (Color) Perfection Shampoo

12 oz





Protein (Color) Perfection Conditioner

8 oz

protein conditioner




Deep Treatment

8 oz

deep hair treatment




Protein (Color) Perfection Combo

shampoo with proteins and no dimethicones