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Hair Loss Or Thinning After Pregnancy!

Here Are The Top Sellers To Get You Growing Again!




Hair Stimulant Kit For Women

Size: 12 oz Stimulant Shampoo, 8 oz Stimulant Conditioner , 8 oz Follicle Spray, 8 Oz Purify Follicle Cleanser - (HAIR VITAMINS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS KIT)

Read about the individual products in this kit below and see why each product is vital to your hair's overall health!



 Normally $82.95

 Now Only $69.95 for Kit (limited time offer)     

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Stimulant Shampoo & Conditioner

Size: 12 oz Shampoo and 8 oz Conditioner

A recent report showed that hair follicles reacted more quickly to topical stimulants. That is why the Stimulant Shampoo and Conditioner are so vital. It not only stimulates it nourishes the hair follicle beneath the scalp. It does not smell like mint but it does work well! TOP SELLERS!



 Normally $16.95

 Now Only $12.95 for Kit (limited time offer)     

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Follicle Stimulator Spray

Size: 8 oz Conditioner

During pregnancy the hair cycle has an increase in the number of hairs in the growth cycle. This means that you could have an extra 4 to 5% of hair in the growth cycle. After pregnancy the hair that was growing enters the resting phase. It is when this hair supposed to grow again but does not the hair becomes thin in appearance. The Ingredients in this follicle stimulator spray have been shown to increase the time in the growth phase. Very Important!      


 Normally $22.95

 Now Only $19.95





greasy scalp and hair cleanser

Deep Follicle Cleanser Shampoo

Size: 8 oz Shampoo 

Hormones and dirt with debris can build up around the hair follicle and have many different affects. During pregnancy these hormones typically cause hair to thicken but after pregnancy the growth cycle is off resulting in thinned appearance. These ingredients in this shampoo work to prevent these hormones from taking affect to thin your hair. Flush them! Deep Cleanse!



 Normally $28.95

 Now Only $12.95      






vitamins for hair loss

Hair Vitamins

Size: 60 Pills (easy to swallow - take two times daily with meals)

Nutrition is vital to hair growth. The hair cells multiplies and divides faster than any other cell on the body everyday. For this to happen correctly the body must have an abundant supply of certain vitamins and minerals - and more importantly they must be together when the body needs them. What is in the vitamin is only half the importance. The second major step is allowing the body to receive them at the same time for utilization. That is what makes this hair vitamin the most potent for hair growth!


 Normally $24.95

 Now Only $18.95      

 Hair Vitamin Info!







"I !

Melanie S -  Utah



 Marsha Kelgo - Kansas


We Guarantee Thicker Hair From A Natural Based Product
Won't Dry Out Hair But Instead Moisturizes - Creates Healthy Hair!
Pure and Natural Ingredient! Extremely Effective But Gentle on Scalp Skin






"I love your shampoo and conditioner on my think hair. It looks so thick and healthy!

Peggy Auria-NJ


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-Women's Hair Loss (Slowly)

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-Women's Hair Loss After Pregnancy


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-Men's Hair Loss All Over