Clearing Spray For Skin  (A TOP SELLER)

Description: For many us skin conditions like rashes, eczema and even psoriasis are caused by a fungus that shows itself in the skin. For those that want very fast, in many cases immediate relief from the conditions we have developed Clearing Spray.


This Amazing Spray will control the skin fungus that causes these skin conditions, itching and rashes. Anywhere that you have itching skin, skin rashes or athletes foot, jock itch, anal itch, eczema, psoriasis and any related condition the Clearing Spray can give you almost immediate results.


PS - this product works on pets also to end skin rashes and itching and especially itchy ears.


The main active ingredient is a pro biotic called lactobacillus sporongenous. This is a brand new natural anti fungal and does an amazing job of balancing the biotics in the skin the way that should be.


Ingredients: Deionized Water, Lactobactillius Sporangenos, Evening Primrose Oil, Balloon Vine Extracts, Tea Tree Oil, Polysorbate 80, Germall



Clearing Spray best when used with the Clearing Cream


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"When I started reading about what my real problem was I was shocked that more doctors don't prescribe something that will actually help to rid yourself of the out of balance causes to the skin. I found your probiotic spray and was seen more impressed when i read about lactobactillius sproagenos."


We have a newer and updated version of this great natural way to battle stubborn skin

fungus that can affect the skin with rashes and other skin issues including itching and