foti omega shampoo


Description: For years the Chinese ( who have the darkest hair) swear by the herb Foti to keep hair dark, prevent gray and re-establish dark hair color. We have added foti to emu oil to give you the greatest omega anti aging shampoo available to help prevent gray hair as well as to help re-establish your correct color along with the many benefits of emu oil and omega oil that will never leave hair oily or messy in any way.


"A new shampoo experience to develop healthy hair in us all!"

Anti Aging Shampoo!


Foti works on the root to get the color back into the hair. It is not a hair colorant. When Foti works properly your natural color will grow properly.


  • Prevent graying of hair

  • Helping hair to restore its original color

  • Help all hair to grow to its maximum potential

  • Scalp stimulant to feed the root of the hair the proper nutrition

  • Works well for men and women

  • Award winning mixture for healthy shampoos

  • Contains omega and emu oil for excellent hair moisture

  • Raises hair moisture levels so that hair does not break, split, damage easily or become brittle

  • A top seller

  • Smells amazing

  • Perfect for those that want to prevent hair aging



foti omega shampoo


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"I started by using your hair vitamin and then read about foti and how wonderful it is for gray hair. I am very excited to get started with FOTI as all the research shows great results for darkening hair."


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"My wife had been researching for foti and found your site. My last foti shampoo worked amazingly great but they only have it in India. I would also like to know about your shampoos and conditioner that you have for thicker hair."