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Mineral Moisture Anti Wrinkle Serum

for The Eyes & Face

Description: This skin firming serum is designed to eliminate the appearance of wrinkles with over 10 skin firming ingredients including dmae, matrixyl peptides, herbal extracts know to firm skin and finally the power of the dead sea minerals.

mineral moisture serum

The Ultimate Facial Firming Serum

PURE MM (Mineral Moisture Serum)




Mineral Moisture Serum

1 oz Serum




Dead sea minerals have over 33% of the normal mineral content. These minerals have been called the healing gold from the sea.


  • The power of the dead sea for healing skin

  • High mineral content to repair skin and capillary damage

  • Restores moisture levels to the skin

  • stimulates collagen

  • Stimulates Elastin

  • Firms skin in just one use

  • Best Results come in about 15 days and onward

  • Great for delicate skin over the eyes

  • A best seller for nearly 2 years


mineral moisture serum

The Ultimate Facial Firming Cream

PURE MM (Mineral Moisture Cream)




Mineral Moisture Cream

1.8 oz Cream



in stock




"I have used a lot of dead sea products as well as many products that claim to moisturize but I can tell you that none delivered results like this serum."


"I absolutely love this serum - it sinks in so fast and it feels like it is firming everything instantly and then I look in the mirror the next morning after having left it in over night and I absolutely love it."


"This product really, really works."


"Super deep moisturizer and I noticed a really big difference around my eyes - where my wrinkles were the worst and not they appear to be much more drawn up and a lot less saggy. I also used your body wrap for saggy skin and was shocked at how well that worked. "


"I lived near the Dead Sea for nearly ten years and I can tell you without a doubt that nothing is more powerful for healthier skin and hair than the minerals in the dead sea."