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Essential Oils for Your Hair

Hair is said to be our crowning glory. Oftentimes, people remember us

by the kind of hair we wear. It creates an impression. Because of these,

people, male or female, are conscious about their hair. We hear the

expression - bad hair day- blaming a bad day because of bad hair. It

may be just an expression but the hair industry is one that will never

go out of business.


Hair salons flourish everywhere. There are lines of specialization for

everyone. There is the hair styling, the cutting, and the hair care

which includes; hot oil, hair spa, hair conditioning, hair

transplantation and many more. Under hair care, several ways to care

for hair has evolved, one of which is the use of Essential Oils.

Essential Oils for the hair have been available and were in use even

during the ancient times. The Egyptians and the Chinese are known to

have been particular in the use of oils for the hair.


Before we go deep into the roots of all the hair care with the use of

essential oils, let us first get to know our hair.


Hair is a filamentous outgrowth of dead cells from skin. It is found

only in mammals, which we are. It projects from the epidermis, though

it grows from the hair follicles deep in the dermis. What grows in our

scalp is called the head hair, our crowning glory. The average human

head has about 100,000 hair follicles. The average hair loss per day is

about 100 strands.


There are 3 stages in growth. The first stage on which the hair grows

from the base of the hair follicle is called anagen. The second stage

is called the catagen, this is the time when the hair has now stopped

to grow, the root shrinks and the follicle breaks down, allowing the

upward growth of the hair. And the last stage is the telogen, this is

the time when hair is loosely anchored to the hair root. After a couple

of months these hair strands will fall out.


At any stage care is needed. Too much hair styling like braiding, blow

drying, hair ironing, etc., are punishing to the hair. These are hair

stressors. If you cannot avoid them, then you need essential oils for

your hair. Essential oils are safe to use, being a natural hair care

and skin treatments. Their natural healing properties allow them to

effectively assist in treatment for everything from bruises to

dandruff. The following are a list of oils and how they can help.


Basil: Oily hair - promotes growth

Chamomile: Fine to normal hair- gives golden highlights

Clary sage: All types of hair - dandruff treatment

Lavender: Normal hair- Scalp treatment for itchiness, dandruff, and even lice!

Lemon: Oily hair -Gives golden highlights; treatment for dry scalp, dandruff,  lice, and under active sebaceous glands

Myrrh: Dry hair -Treatment for dry scalp, dandruff, lice, and under active sebaceous glands

Patchouli: Oily hair -Dandruff treatment

Peppermint: Dry hair- Promotes hair growth

Rose: Fine hair -Soothes scalp

Rosemary: Oily hair -Dandruff treatment; promotes hair growth

Tea tree: Oily hair -Treatment for dry scalp, dandruff, lice, and under active sebaceous glands

Ylang-ylang: Oily hair -Dandruff treatment


Thyme, lavender, and cedar wood, "carrier" oils jojoba and rapeseed oil:  for all hair types for hair growth, useful when massaged in the scalp every day. It is a natural process for hair to fall but it is not natural for it to lose its glow. Aging and unhealthy practices are the reason for this. The above lists of essential oils for your hair care are useful in keeping your hair glowing, growing and staying up there till it is time for it to fall. Let your hair be your crowning glory. Use any of the essential oils that suit your need.


Essential oils can also be used in body wraps to help with skin firming and detoxification of the skin and this can lead many helpful remedies such as: skin firming, tightening, anti wrinkle, preventing sagging skin, smoothing out skin and complexion of skin. Our top sellers for skin care have been the dark circles eye cream, stretch marks cream and also the firming lotion for the entire body.


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