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Welcome to Beauty Tips by Milady


From Dandruff To Hair Color Tips - Skin Firming -

Body Wraps and much more!


Beauty Tips and Hair Answers! Check back often for new publications by Milady on World Of Hair. These publications are designed to get you all the information that you need about your hair and what you can do get your hair, skin, scalp and body into the perfect condition that you want it to be in. We have recent articles on everything from skin care, to beauty in general to specific hair problems to body wraps information and tips.

Articles are written by Milday!

High Ph Hair Products

Itchy Scalp products

Do Body Wraps Really Work

Breast Lift No Surgery

Damaged Hair Causes

Frizzy hair causes

What does tea tree oil help?

What causes Onychomycosis- nail fungus?

What is hair made up of- hairstyles info also?

What essential oils are best for stretch marks and scars?

What conditions are hair shampoos good for?

What herbal ingredients work for hair loss, dandruff, oily hair etc

Cellulite Body Wraps fro home use

Weight Loss Body Wraps for Home Use

The best hair products & shampoos for black dry hair?

Spa Gift Baskets and Kits?

What are the different skin rash types?


Also visit our newest section The Body Shop as it gives you all skin care and firming products that you need to get your skin as tight as you want it. high end and super skin firming ingredients will get you back to where you want to be. Sagging Skin Firming Lotion and Skin Firming Body wraps to be used at home are all available in THE BODY FIRM SHOP!

Check back here as we add articles just about daily about any beauty topics that you can think of including skin, hair, body, feet, breast and more. IF you have any articles that you would like to add to world of hair then simply email us with the title and article and we will look to have it added to the site. the articles should be informative and not just aimed at selling something. We will include your information with each article. We have also just added a ton of new information on the different facial creams and skin creams that we now produce that help with dark circles on the eyes, stretch marks, skin firming on the face and on the body, anti aging creams for mature skin, and a ton on other face creams and anti wrinkle eye creams that are each targeted for a specific purpose and these can all be found in our facial creams section. One of our hottest new creams is a vitamin k cream that is used just for spider veins and many times on varicose veins. This cream uses bio advanced technology to get rid of spider veins on the face, spider veins on the legs and anywhere else on the body.

Here are some of the better publications to look at and to learn from:

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