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Acidophilus Beer Soak for Nail Fungus

Fingernails and toenails look good when they are shinny and healthy. However, there are several diseases that can make them look ugly and ultimately destroy them. Fungal infection is one cause of this destruction of fingernails and toenails.  However, an individual that has fungal infections on his/her nails should not be greatly concerned since fungal growth on fingernails and toenails can be treated using Acidophilus Beer.

Fungal infection of the fingernails and toenails is not a serious condition. However, this condition should not be ignored because the fungal growth on the nails can lead to its ultimate destruction since the fungus damages the keratin that functions as the protective layer of the nail. As the fungus is allowed to live and spread on the nails, the nails would lose its keratin protection and will become dull and fragile to other damages. It is because of this that fungal infection should not be ignored and must be treated accordingly. Soaking the infected nails in a tub filled with acidophilus beer is proven to get rid and treat fungal infections.

Acidophilus is a strain of probiotics or good bacteria that is often mixed with food products such as Yogurt, and can also be used for fermenting beer. Acidophilus bacteria devour any sugar or glucose found in its surroundings. This lost of sugar lowers the pH level and making the environment acidic.  This gets rid of fungi since they cannot survive in acidic environments. The use of acidophilus bacteria is effective in removing any fungal infections of the nails.

One of the most effective treatments is to soak the infected nails in an acidophilus beer solution.  An acidophilus beer solution can be prepared using sachets of acidophilus which is mixed with dark beer, and vinegar. Acidophilus sachets can be purchased from brewery supply shops. 

For effective treatment, the infected nails should be soaked in lukewarm acidophilus beer solution for about a half hour everyday for a month. This would ensure that all the fungi that are infecting the nails are killed and that new infection would be inhibited. Fungi thrive on wet or damp environment so it is important to dry the nails thoroughly to prevent the onset of new infections. The use of a hair dryer to dry the nails is highly recommended.

The treatment of nail fungus using acidophilus beer soak would only be effective if it is done correctly and regularly. If it is not done regularly, then there is a possibility that a new infection might occur. Make sure to keep nails warm and dry after the infection has been treated.




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