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What Shampoos work Best for Black Dry Hair?

This question is one that we get at least 20 times per day as the main problem or complaint from African Americans about their hair is that it is too dry and in many cases severely dry and this leads to some very bad situations until it is handled. For many the hair can start breaking off at the root or it can break off when pulled on such as the case when hair extensions are applied to the hair. These hair extensions add just enough weight to pull out the root to weak hair. This is easily solved in two ways. The first way to is to make sure that your hair is maintaining the proper moisture levels.

This is done by only using hair shampoos that contain either, omega oils, emu oil, jojoba, wheat germ, avocado and hemp oil The best oil for black hair is by far emu oil. Remember that emu oil is not only the best moisturizing oil for the hair but also it contains certain omegas that help to awaken every hair and get it growing again as it should be growing. So you literally get a double bang with this oil. When you finally find the best black hair products you will notice an almost immediate change in your hair's health.

The oils to stay away from are mineral oil, petrolatum and we also recommend staying away from dimethicone if you use any heat on your hair at all. In black hair dimethicone can actually burn the hair when heat is applied and the bad news is that about 90% of the black hair shampoos use dimethicone in their shampoos when they don't need to. But relax we are going to show you the absolute best shampoo for your dry hair or for any black hair for that matter. Emu Hair products work at so many levels inside the cellular level of the hair that it would be useless to try and explain it. We recommend the Boost Emu Oil Hair Shampoo as it is the only salon grade emu oil shampoo on the market and it leaves your hair amazingly healthy, much stronger and growing more healthy with every application.

One of the newest oils for black hair is argan oil also called morrocan oil. This oil is amazing for hair as it also cuts down on drying time which is one of the major factors of hair breakage and weakening. It is very important for African Americans to stay away from dimethicone shampoos and conditioners.


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