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What Hair Products can Damage Hair?

 Improper use of chemicals in treating hair seems to be the major cause of hair damage. It is important to remember that breakage and loss of hair may be symptoms of some medical problems. It is recommended to seek advice from health professionals before treating your hair with any chemical products. It is also necessary to know the different hair products or treatments that may cause hair damage. This will help you refrain or minimize the use of these harmful chemicals.  

Here are some of many factors that can cause damage to your hair:


This may break chemical bonds in a curly hair. This product contains lye that may cause hair breakage and skin irritation. There are also no-lye straighteners available but still certain irritations may still arise.

Whatever type of relaxers that you use, it may still cause hair problems to you especially if they are used in the wrong way. Exposing your hair too long with relaxers or mixing incorrect amount of straighteners are just some of the wrongful ways of relaxing the hair.

Combing, scratching and brushing your hair while on chemical treatment may increase damage to your scalp and hair. If you found your scalp irritated, stop the use relaxers or any chemical treatments. If your scalp is not that sensitive, and want to keep your curly hair straightened, you may do these treatments every six months to keep your hair protected. Even when relaxers are used properly, they may still cause hair damage especially when you use curling or straightening iron, blow dryers, or coloring with chemically relaxed hair.

Hair Colors

When it comes to hair coloring treatments, there are two types: the permanent and the semi permanent. Permanent coloring stays in the hair until it grows out while in semi-permanent the color applied washes out after a period of time. Permanent treatments may cause hair loss, irritation, redness and burning. Irritation among other people might become a serious problem. Semi-permanent hair coloring treatments like henna are easy to use and are safer than the permanent ones. Before applying colors to your hair, be sure to test a small amount in your wrist to check whether the chemical could irritate your skin or not.


Bleach is a color removing substance that removes color and stains from the hair. This chemical lightens hair color and may produce hair breakage or damage. Once bleach is applied, hair becomes dry and damage looking. It is advisable to use hair treatment product to avoid further damages.

Hair Dryers

This is a device that uses heated air for drying hair. It may be handheld or in the shape of a dome that fits over the head. All types of hair should be treated gently, using hot blow dryers or any other heat styling products on very wet hair may lead to hair damage. If you really cannot avoid using dryers, make sure that you set at low heat temperature.

Hair Brushes

Brushing hair too much while it is still wet may cause breakage and damage to your hair. Hair will be forced to stretch while brushing and making it more prone to breakage. Healthy Hair needs a bunch of care for it to shine and grow beautifully.

Protecting your hair from any harmful hair care products is the best way of taking care of it. It is advisable to consult professionals before applying any chemical treatments to your hair to avoid damages. These damages include scalp irritation, hair loss, hair breakage and others. Be sure that the natural appeal of your hair will be maintained properly. Surely you donít want to wake up someday that your hair becomes hopeless.

We also want to note that customers that use products are dimethicnone based products you will most likely have issues with hair damage and breakage. This is because dimethicone burns when heat is added to it. For example when hot irons or flat irons are applied to hair that used dimethicone it will burn and cause hair static, hair burns, dry hair and overall damage that can result in breakage and splitting.


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