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Anyone who has ever had eczema knows that this condition can result in dry skin. Ordinary moisturizing lotions may not provide sufficient lubrication of the affected skin, so you may have to resort to using special creams and ointments that can correct the dryness brought by eczema. These creams and ointments are more dense than lotions and

work by sealing in moisture that usually evaporates from your skin.


We strongly suggest that you try the Clearing Spray and clearing cream to get rid of eczema. The results with these two products are amazing and work very good on any kind of skin rash but especially eczema.


How often?


Basically, you should use these special lubricating creams and ointments on a daily basis, as part of your eczema management routine. It is recommended you use these lubricants all over your body, three minutes after you have cleaned yourself with soap and water. If you will be using a steroid cream as well, apply the steroid cream first before the special creams or ointments.


Steroid creams for eczema


Usually, a doctor will recommend a good steroid cream for a patient suffering from eczema. A steroid cream works by cutting down on the inflammation that results from eczema which allows the maddening itching to subside. You can purchase steroid creams over the counter at the pharmacy, but the stronger ones can only be bought with a prescription from your doctor. Some steroid creams are so strong that they should only be applied under advice from a physician, and almost never on children. If the pediatrician allows use of the steroid cream on the child, the cream should only be used for the least possible

period of time and the least amount of dosage. Misusing steroid creams can trigger poor growth, cause hormone levels to fluctuate dangerously, and may result in skin thinning and other permanent damage to the patient.


Immune modulators


There are certain types of anti-eczema drugs known as immune modulators. These drugs act by somehow suppressing the immune system of the patient. The danger with using these drugs is that research has shown a link between their use and the development of skin cancers and lymphoma to the point that the US Food and Drug Administration

requires the manufacturers of immune modulator drugs to warn consumers about their possible risks through proper labeling of the products. Such products should only be used under the guidance of a good physician and only in very severe, otherwise untreatable cases of eczema.


Can eczema be cured?


The medical professionals say, no, there is no way to cure eczema at the moment. But many naturopath doctors are curing this very well. One doctor is doctor Strand of The Simply Healing Clinic in California. Since cases of eczema are usually related to an allergic reaction, it is recommended that the allergen which causes the allergic reaction be tracked down so that further exposure to it can be avoided in the future. This may take quite some time and effort both on the part of the doctor and the caregivers of the patient, and may prove difficult (especially in the cases of babies who develop eczema) but this is the safest way to remedy cases of eczema. Allergens may be airborne (such as dander or dust), or they could come from your food, or from contact with some things in the environment.


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