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Emu Oil Benefits?

Emu oil has gained popularity in recent years as a great treatment for skin care as well as other things such as hair loss, diabetes, and arthritis.  New benefits of this versatile oil are being almost found daily.  It has been used by native Australians for thousands of years, but has become more mainstream in the last decade. 

Studies have found that emu oil is beneficial to people who suffer from chronic pain from conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis and injuries.  It is also completely hypoallergenic and is useful to people with dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.  It has also been found to have natural healing properties.  It can be used to reducing scaring from cuts or stretch marks.  Some people even believe emu oil can help reverse the effects of hair loss. 

There have been many studies performed on emu oil, unlike some products that are touted as the next cure all but have no scientific evidence to prove the claims.  The key ingredients in emu oil are linolenic and oleic acid.  These acids in combinations have been shown to relieve joint pain and achy muscles.  This oil is anti-inflammatory and its effects are long lasting.  Even after it is washed off the benefits can still be felt.    

Emu oil provides the skin with needed moisture.  It is especially good in treating dry or scaly skin and scalp. It is non- greasy and does not irritate leaving skin soft and smooth.  It is also small enough to penetrate the skin deeply.  It does not have a smell and is absorbed quickly.  It is an overall excellent natural therapeutic remedy.

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