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Emu Shampoo

Emu oil has many benefits for skin and body, but it is especially healthy for the hair and scalp.  It is effective in treating scalp conditions like dandruff, seborrhea, and psoriasis.  It is believed to work to prevent hair loss. 

Emu Shampoo is a good cleansing and clarifying shampoo that does so without stripping the hair.  It can clean hair effectively without taking away the natural oils that hair needs.  Many cleansers unfortunately use chemicals that dry the hair and scalp.  Balance is the key to a healthy scalp and hair.  When the scalp has an abundance of oil or too little oil it will be susceptible to scalp conditions.  Emu Shampoo does an amazing job of getting the nourishing omegas deep into the hair follicle for hair growth and prevention of hair thinning.

Emu oil provides essential fatty acids that the scalp needs to produce healthy skin cell turnover and hair growth.  The acids are able to make the hair grow thicker and healthier.  The oil stimulates the hair follicle which helps hair to grow faster and stronger.  Hair that is limp and lifeless can be revived with regular emu oil treatments. 

Emu oils has the ability ability to deeply moisturize the hair is one of its greatest attributes.  It nourishes the hair deeply from tips to roots creating shiny healthy hair.  All hair types can benefit from this versatile oil.  Damaged tresses, like those that color treated and over processed, can benefit the most from the deep moisture this oil provides.  Amino acids and vitamins from emu oil help to restore the hair back to health.    

It also has anti-inflammatory properties and anti fungal properties.  This may help prevent hair loss and thinning.  Scalp conditions, like dandruff, that are caused by fungus can be treated with emu oil.  Both the Hair and scalp can benefit from regularly washing with emu oil shampoo. 


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