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What Does Your Hair Need to Grow Faster & Longer?

A healthy hair shows signs of growth and life.  Today's lifestyle has caused changes on our eating behavior and how we look at things.  Some fail to think that, just like any parts of our body, our hair needs to be taken care of and be given proper attention.  In order for your hair to grow healthy needs three regimen components and these are: a healthy eating plan, substantial water intake, and a high quality hair growth and hair care product.

The following are steps that you should consider for your hair to grow faster and look healthy:

1.  Choose a high quality hair growth products.  Find a hair growth product that contains powerful essential oils, natural herbs and vitamins rich nutrients.  Do not choose strong chemical products for your hair.  Extracts may not be as powerful as essential oils.  It would be best to check the ingredient listing before buying a hair growth product for falling hair. Make sure that what you are getting is genuine and not artificial.


2.      Have a hair-eating plan.  Our hair contains protein.  You will need to have a rich protein diet and filled with B Vitamins and other hair-strengthening nutrients.   Fish intake would be advisable as fish contains essential fatty acids and natural oils your hair needed for it to grow faster.  A drink of protein supplement everyday would also be helpful.  Remember that following this eating plan not only makes your hair grow faster but would also help you lose some pounds on your weight. That of course should not cover the indulgence to chocolates and other junk foods.


3.   Drink at least eight (8) to ten (10) glasses of water everyday.  The water that we take tends to flush the body toxins, chemicals, and impurities that slow down your hair growth and cause hormone and enzyme imbalances.  Water also allows transport of the important nutrients that our body needs.  If you donít like drinking water, you may add lemon and splenda in your water as an alternative drink. Drinking water is also very good for your fingernails and your skin and should be considered a big part of your skin products regimen. As a matter of fact that many with skin rashes notice a marked improvement by increasing their water in take.


4.  Be cautious of the hair care products you use for styling techniques as these may be factors that affect hair loss or stifling hair growth.  Fats, alcohol, sugars and junk foods inhibit your hair's ability to grow faster.  Make your diet consist of green and leafy vegetables and protein rich foods. Also, be careful of what you buy. Do not buy your hair care products from unauthorized stores as you may likely to be buying a hair-damaging product. We strongly suggest healthy hair growth vitamins and hair vitamins for hair loss is you are suffering from thinning hair. The quicker that you react the better the results with hair growth shampoos, conditioners and sprays.


5.  Always massage the scalp gently.  Never comb or brush the hair when wet to prevent breakage.  If hair has been damaged by perm or coloring, use a good protein-rich conditioner. It is better to dry your hair with an air dry. This is better than using blow dryer. Blow dryers usually damage the hair strands.


6.   Trim your hair at least 6-8 weeks to get rid of the growing dead ends. This will also make your hair look healthier.


Discipline is an important factor in caring for the hair and making it grow faster.  You donít necessarily have to spend hundreds of dollars to make it grow faster. As long as you are observing the proper hair care treatment and using the right hair care products, your hair will be safe.

One of the most asked about ingredients or vitamins for hair loss or hair thinning is biotin. Customers want to know if Biotin works well for hair loss and the answer is that there are quite a few studies by major universities that show Biotin is very effective against hair loss. We offer a Biotin Shampoo, Biotin Conditioner and Biotin Serum.



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