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Sticky Hair

What helps with sticky hair? 

There are a variety of things that can make hair sticky.  It could be caused by a build up of hair products or something else that has found its way into your hair.  What ever is causing your hair to be sticky, it can be washed out with our Purify Shampoo.  Purify shampoo cleans and clarifies hair without using harsh chemicals.  Your hair will be clean and healthy in no time. 

Broken Hair At My Scalp

I have seen I am getting my hair broken of at the end and at the scalp- what helps?

Hair breakage is caused when hair is becomes damage and lacks the proper nutrients it needs to grow and be strong.  Hair Damage can be caused by many things such as chemical hair treatments like color treatments, perms, and relaxers.  Chemicals are also found in many of shampoos and conditioners.  Once hair is damaged and nutrients are lost, those nutrients have to be restored to nurse the hair to be back to health.  Rebalance Shampoo and Conditioner can replace the nutrients that have been lost.  It will help make hair stronger and decrease breakage.  Many products simply coat the hair rather than moisturize.  Rebalance Brand Shampoo is a natural product that works from the inside out to add moisture and nutrients.  Hair vitamins can also help restore the missing nutrients to the hair.    

Blow Dry Versus Air Dry Hair

Is it better to blow dry your hair or air dry? 

Whether or not to blow dry your hair or not depends largely on your hair style and preferences.  Air drying is better for the hair, but only works if you have a style that looks good air dried and have the time to let it dry.  Most styles and schedule are not conducive to air drying.  Hair driers, like other hot styling tools, can damage hair.   Hair that is blown dry regularly can still be healthy, as long as the proper products are used.  Our Protein Shampoo and Conditioner is a great way to keep hair requires the use of styling tools to remain healthy.  Protein makes that hair stronger and helps protect it from damage.  



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Skin Care Questions:

What types of skin rashes are there?

What helps eczema skin rashes?

Does zinc help with a skin rash?

What is your 5 minute facial skin firming that everyone is talking about?

Do you have creams, wraps or lotions for saggy skin?

Do you offer organic skin care products?

What skin products help for sagging skin?

Do you Offer a Peptide Serum?


Emu Oil and Emu Shampoo Questions:

What Skin and Hair Problems Can Emu Oil Be Used For?

What are The Benefits of Using Emu Oil?

Emu Oil Skin and Hair Solutions

How Does Emu Oil Work?

Emu Oil Shampoo Benefits

Emu Shampoo



Skin and Nail Fungus:

What causes nail fungus?

What essential oils work best for skin fungus?

Does tea tree oil help nail fungus - what works best?

I heard to the pills for nail fungus can damage your liver?

I have heard about a beer soak for toenail fungus -what is it?

My herbalist mentioned emu oil and tea tree oil for nail fungus?

What types of Skin Rashes are There?


Skin Serums:

What Skin Serums Do you Have?

Do You Cary A Vitamin C Serum

Hyaluronic Acid Serum


Dry Skin:

What causes dry skin?

Can you help my severe dry skin?

My Skin Gets dry and cracked in the winter and most creams don't touch it -what helps?

What causes the tips of my fingers to crack - I heard it was a fungus?


Oily Skin:

Does jojoba oil make your skin oily?

What herbs work to prevent acne?

I heard that zinc is the best for acne - how does it work?

What ingredients work best for oily skin?

Why is my skin oily in one place and dry in another?

Does oily skin run in the family?

Does oily skin actually cause acne?

Is oily skin caused by a fungus?


Acne Treatments:

Does jojoba oil help acne?

Is acne caused by a fungus or a bacteria?

Does sugar or cokes cause acne?

Will detox skin products help with acne

Are there any masks that work on acne?

What is the fastest product for getting rid of acne?

Is treating acne on yoyr back different than you face?

Does Zinc helps scalp acne along with regular acne?


Scars & Stretch Marks Treatments:

Keloid Scar Treatments

Can you prevent stretch marks?

If your mom got stretch marks will you?

Do cocoa butters work on stretch marks

Why are stretch marks pink or raised - can that go away?

Does emu oil make a stretch mark go away- stretch marks treatments with oils?

Do essential oils work on stretchmarks?


Nail Treatments - Fungus & Split Nails:

Does tea tree oil help with nail fungus?

What causes Onychomycosis?

Acidophilus Beer Soak for Toe Nail Fungus


Beauty Products:

What are the best selling beauty products?

What does a natural beauty products vs an organic beauty products mean?


Body Wraps:

What ingredients are used in body wraps?

Why Body Wraps Work?

Why use herbs in body wrap?

Body Wraps for Double Chins?

What Causes a Double Chin?

Do you have a compete list of body wraps available?

Best selling Seaweed Wraps?

Moor Mud and Seaweed Wrap Info

What are the tips for getting the best body wraps

Are Body Wraps Hard To Use?



Hair Vitamins:

What does hair need to grow healthy and longer?

I just read that humans receive the majority of their nutrition and vitamins through their hair - Is this true?

Do Hair Vitamins Help To Prevent Gray Hair?

What Helps to Reverse Gray Hair?

Which Vitamins are best for your hair?

How Does Biotin Work On Hair Loss?



Hair Care Questions?

Compare Head and Shoulders Dandruff Shampoo to a natural one?
What essential oils help with healthy hair?
What causes dry hair?
Do perms, coloring and highlights prevent healthy hair?
Does ph in hair care prevent healthy hair?
Does anything prevent gray hair?
What causes hair to grow faster?
What hair products can damage hair?
What shampoos create healthy hair?
What conditions are hair shampoos good for?
A hair stylist burned my scalp and now it is flaking like dandruff. What to use?
Anti-dandruff shampoos make my hair flat. What product do you recommend?
Can you give me some styling advice to make my hair lie down?
Does the tanning bed hurt your hair in any way?
Have I used too much conditioner?
Is there a way to analysis of the hair to see what is wrong with it?
Frizzy Hair Serious Frizz- Help
I am having more falling hair - what causes this?
My scalp is oily and itchy - please help?
The doctor mentioned alopecia areata - can you help?
Burn on scalp after relaxer?
What causes scalp sores - how do you get rid of them?
Is there help for seborrheic dermatitis
What are the best hair products - professional?
How can I control my black - white racially mixed hair?
How can I end or treat frizzy hair after using the sauna?
Is there a way detangle big ball of matted hair?
How can I make my hair feel very soft and silky?
Is there a way make dull dry hair smoother and with sleekness?
How should I treat hair that has been affected by well water?
Swimming causes me to have split ends & severely dry hair.
What helps with sticky hair?
I have seen I am getting my hair broken of t the end and at the scalp - what helps?
Is it ok to steam hair when applying hot oil cream if hair is damaged and frizzy?
Is it ok to use flat irons for the hair during Pregnancy?
Is it possible to help dry damaged hair with a mixture including tequila?
Is it true that your hair could be less damaged if you put olive oil to condition your hair?
I started taking medication and now my hair is lifeless. Is this the medication?
Is there a certain product to moisturize dry and frizzy hair?
Is there a product I can put in my hair that will make it smooth after it gets wet?
Is there a way I can protect my hair from the chlorine when swimming?
Is there oil I can get for my hair to try to un-mat it?
Is wearing your hair in a ponytail bad for your hair?
Can wet hair be more fragile than dry hair?
Tangles and knots in my very curly hair that is not that long. Can they be avoided?
What causes hair to have a green tint?
I have greasy hair but it gets dry and burnt when i try and straighten it - what works?.
help my hair after swimming - tangles something fierce?
My relaxer won't work any more - why?
Adult 30 years old and my hair gets frizzy and really dry after blow-drying.
Can a flat iron make your hair feel like straw?
Towel drying frizzes my hair something horrible. Will a  leave in conditioner?
From straight hair to very kinky - Why?
My hair is  hurting because of the iron in our water - it is hard water what helps?
Should I get my curly frizzy hair thinned out?
Damaged hair because of a tight ponytail. Can my hair still be repaired?
What helps older people with dry hair - I color my hair as well?
My hair looks stringy and unkempt always - what products can help?
I have flat and flyaway hair - what hair products can help?
My scalp is dry and itchy but I don't have dandruff. What hair products cure this?
Should you not brush hair when wet?
The last couple of weeks I'm seeing that my hair is getting reddish. Any ideas why?
If I burn my hair with a flat iron or appliance what can I do to fix it?
I want my thin hair to be a lot thicker - what products help?
What can I do to prevent that corn rows become fuzzy a couple of days after braiding?
I feel like I have really gummy hair - what helps this?
What products make oily and curly hair healthy?
What can I put on my hair to protect it each time I get into the swimming pool?
What can you recommend for dry hair without using keratin or other chemical services?
What causes really dry hair or even kind of dry hair?
What is the best scalp treatment and what exactly does it do to help the scalp?
I am trying to make my coarse and curly wavy hair soft to where it will hold a good curl?
Can You brush the scalp to reduce sebum production or does this help?
What products for racially mixed hair?
What type of healing shampoo, conditioners should I use for a dry itchy scalp to cure it?
Does apple cider vinegar and water really help with dandruff?
Does a permanent damage fine or for that matter any kind of hair?
What can I do for persistent lice?

Is there any way to prevent head lice in children

Do you sell spa gift baskets?


Do you have a list of hair salons?

Black Hair Section

Do you have hair products for black hair?

What vitamins work for black hair?

What brand name products are good for black hair?

How Do You Get Healthy Black Hair?

What is the best leave in conditioner for black hair?

What products make black hair grow?

What is the best shampoo for black hair?

Do you have a black hair styles section?

How do black hair relaxers work?

Are no lye relaxers better for healthy black hair?

WHat is the best deep treatment for black hair

Should I use a protein shampoo for black hair?

What is the best shampoo for dry black hair?

What is the best shampoo for black hair growth?

Are their vitamins for black hair growth?

What products help with black hair loss?

Is black hair loss the same as black hair thinning?

Can African Americans use any drug store shampoo? - Absolutely not - they dry hair

Is there a spray to help black hair grow?

What is the best shampoo for black hair with braids?

What is the best shampoo for dead locks?

What is the best shampoo for black hair extensions?

Can black hair be repaired if it is severely damaged?


What Can I Do For A Double Chin?

Are There Exercises for Loose Neck Skin or Double Chin

What are The Causes of A Double Chin?


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