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Which Vitamins Are Best For Healthy Hair

Everyone wants healthy hair that shines and enhances their appearance.  Most people are concerned about the products that put on there hair.  But many do not realize that healthy hair actually starts with proper nutrition.  A hair vitamin may be just what you need to get the beautiful hair you have been looking for.

To achieve its optimal hair growth rate the body needs certain vitamins and minerals in adequate proportions.  Hair that does not have adequate levels may grow slowly, and the hair does grow may be thinner and not be healthy.   A poor diet leads to many problems including unhealthy hair and fingernails.  There are other environmental factors that may affect hair health as well.  These include stress, toxins, smoke, and lake of sleep.   The result is often dull, lifeless hair that grows slowly. 

 With our busy lifestyles it is hard for many people to maintain a healthy diet.  Supplements can help fill the gap left in your diet.  They can promote overall healthy as well as the health of your hair.   There are several supplements and amino acids that are important in promoting healthy hair.   Some of these are vitamin B- complex, B-6, biotin, inositol, and folic acid, beta-carotene, and vitamin E.  Minerals such as magnesium, sulfur, silica, and zinc also promote healthy hair.   Flax seed oil is also a good ingredient to create healthy hair. 

The health of your hair is a reflection on your overall healthy.  Brittle, dry broken hair will hurt your appearance.  Hair vitamins promote hair growth and healthier hair.  Even if you eat a proper diet it is hard to get all of the vitamin and minerals that you need to maximize the health of your hair and scalp.