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Natural Lice Treatments Including Shampoos & Sprays


You are seated in a bus and the person sitting next to you start scratching.  And mind you he wouldn't stop.  You are irritated and the bus is jam-packed.  You are caught in a dilemma on what to do, 5 more blocks for you to alight.  Having seated with someone that kept on scratching can be annoying.


If fleas are present in animals, the human body is infested with lice.  Lice are characterized as very tiny insects.  They are parasites with six legs and two antennae. Don't panic and before you reach for the cheapest kit you need to know that lice products are the market are just pesticides and these pesticides have been linked an enormous amount of intestinal and skin related problems.


With the latest push into natural cures people are finding that natural lice shampoos are actually more effective at ridding and preventing lice both on the scalp and on the body. To find out more about lice shampoos that are natural based then you should read our lice products page and get treated today to end your families louse problem. These treatments are taking the USA and UK by storm.



Lice have three kinds:


1.  Head Lice Ė Acquired through head to head contact. They are isolated to the head.  Girls are commonly affected than boys. It is not true that head lice jump or fly.  Thus, you need not be afraid as you sit with someone with head lice.  The presence of lice can appear to anyone's hair, regardless of the hair length or one's degree of hygiene.  Most often, head lice are transmitted from sharing pillow and wearing others hat.  Indirect contact, like use of someone's hairbrush and bed linens, is less likely to permit transmission in as much as the louse (singular form of lice) dies if away from the scalp 2 days or more.  


2.  Body Lice - Body lice or bedbugs lay their eggs in the seams of what you wear or the sheets and blanket that you use.  They go to your body where they find warm body to be fed most often they are found at your back, shoulder and waist.  Bedbugs do leave markings on your bed linens.  They are in brown or black markings with bite indication in rows.  They often leave at least 3 bite marks. Body lice are transmitted by direct contact with an infected person


3.      Public lice - These are transmitted by intimate sexual contact.  They are commonly called as "crab lice". They live in the genital area but can develop to the lower abdomen, armpits, eyelashes, and even scalp.  Contrary to othersí thinking, you donít get pubic lice from toilet seats.  Also, men should take note that condoms would not protect you from acquiring pubic lice.


Lice have proliferated in places where unsanitary conditions are lacking.  Common causes of these are poverty, overcrowding, and poor hygiene.  Sexual transmission to children can also occur when there was sexual abuse.


Lice are becoming an epidemic. It affects the young and adults.  Since it can be discharge by direct contact with an infected person one can never be sure of not getting affected, despite normal hygiene. It is a serious public health problem  since some louse can hold organisms that cause other diseases, including relapsing fever, trench fever, and epidemic typhus.


If you find your self scratching your head with your foot, you might have lice. Take care of yourself; donít let the bugs bite you. Simply use these natural products that are extremely helpful for your hair and scalp anyway and you will get yourself healed of this annoying problem.



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