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Beauty Products - Natural Versus Organic


There is a big difference between the two yet most people don't know it. many of the beauty products companies that claim they are selling organic beauty products actually don't even come close. Here is the main difference. There are some very harsh chemicals out on the market such as sodium laurel sulfate and ammonium laurel sulfate and these can be damaging to the skin and scalp yet they are in just about every salon grade professional shampoo and body wash.


Natural based don't use these ingredients and they stay with more gentle ingredients but these companies still use ingredients that are not 100% organic. For example they use preservatives that are milder and much less symptomatic but may still diazalydinol urea or methyl and propyl paraban. even large companies like Arbonne use these ingredients even though they claim to be organic based. And while they may be better for sensitive skin and scalp and hair they are still a far cry from organic.


If you want organic beauty products and we mean true organic beauty products then you will most likely have to have a company make them for you. And guess what we can do that.


You pick the ingredients with our help and you can add anything that you like or pull out anything that you don't like. We typically sell shampoos by the half gallon and skin products in 16 oz containers.


If you must have organic - many of our customers are concerned with cancer or have skin conditions or are sick of putting harsh chemicals on and in their bodies.





For those that need specific healthy hair care or beauty products for your skin condition we can make those as well. Check out our custom page and you will all that you need to get exactly what you are looking for when it comes to your beauty treatments.

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