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Can you Prevent Stretch Marks


The answer is that you can definitely prevent stretch marks by applying serious omega 3's during pregnancy or during weight or muscle gain. These omega 3's will also skin to become much more pliable or elastic and this elasticity will prevent the skin from ripping at the deep levels of the skin.


During my first pregnancy I was so worried about stretch marks & scars that I did an amazing amount of research on the subject and found that emu oil is the absolute best thing to apply during pregnancy and the creamy works best - most want to sell the clear to you but the creamy is much more effective on preventing stretch marks.


Emu oil has a lot of research done on it for healing stretch marks but it was just message boards and general testimonies that got me to try it. After my fourth month I was starting to expand pretty good. The days that I did not use emu oil I could literally feel my skin burn- almost like it was ripping. I was worried because my mom had serious stretch marks so I lathered up every day on my breasts, stomach, butt and more.


It should be noted that emu oil is 100% safe during pregnancy and can be used during pregnancy at any stage and actually omega 3's which are extremely healthy for a fetus. it is considered an all natural product with no preservatives (oils don't have to be preserved).