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Why Body Wraps Work

We often hear the phrase “body wraps”. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear it? Maybe you imagine yourself being wrapped in a food wrapper with all those other slimy sauces and veggies. Surely, most of us have heard of body wrapping but we don’t actually know how it works and what benefits that we can get from it.  Did you know that getting wrapped is actually a relaxing experience? It also helps get rid of those stubborn cellulites. 

Body wraps actually help tighten and tone the skin. Body wraps also help in improving blood circulation. The process also eliminates fats from the body naturally. There’s no need for special and electronically operated equipment. You will only need a heating pot, a mixing bowl, and wrapping tools like thin towels.

The process

Body wraps actually work in two stages which include absorption and squeezing. In absorption stage, the body will be wrapped together with the nourishing ingredients. In this process, your pores will be opened and toxins will be removed. These toxins will be absorbed by the ingredients such as herbs, seaweeds and clay.

To start the process, all you have to do is remove all your clothes or only the part which you would like to be wrapped. The practitioner will begin the process of absorption by putting wrapping tools together with the wrapping ingredients in your body. Several absorbents being used are sea clay, herbal, aloe vera, mineral and sea weeds.

The body wraps process should be done at least 30-45 minutes before it must be washed to produce wonderful results. The effectiveness of body wraps is dependent on the ingredients being used. In squeezing, tissues are compacted together after the extraction of interstitial fluid. Once it is already extracted, it will result to a thinner looking body almost immediately and it detoxifies the toxins that are primarily stored in the fat cells in the body.

A mixture of clay and some salts is an example of a simple body wraps. Herbs, nutritive ingredients, and essential oils are the ingredients that you may add to the mixture of body wraps. Since body wraps contain herbs and other useful ingredients, the process has proven to remove pain brought by arthritis, sprains and other illness.

After you undergo body wrapping, you will have a cleaner and leaner feeling. As one of the body wraps results, it is very common that you will weight with these sessions. You will feel rejuvenated and healthier. Body wraps should be done at least once every couple of weeks for the absolute best long term results.

It is important that you will feel comfortable and relaxed while on the process of body wraps. You may do it at home to make sure that you will be comfortable when doing it. It is important that you feel relaxed so that detoxification process will be effective. There are certain spas that offer body wrapping services. They offer free massage if you prefer them to do so after the whole process has been done.

There are slimming cellulite body wraps, seaweed detox body wraps, skin firming body wraps and other slimming and saggy skin eliminating wraps. Many of our customers use wraps for slimming the thighs, for slimming before body building competitions, double chin elimination, firming saggy breasts, firming the skin on the elbows and knees as well as on the neck and they use them for skin blemishes and sun damage as they can be loaded with anti oxidants to help remove free radicals from the skin.

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