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Why Zinc for Skin Rashes?

There has been a long term dispute as to what actually causes skin rashes including the main ones such as eczema and psoriasis. Many of the medical doctors believe that these are caused by auto immune disorders. The natural based doctors believe that is a fungus or bacterial driven problem.

So who do we agree with? The answer is simple to us. We have seen total areas of psoriasis and eczema disappear after being treated with known anti fungal killers. Zinc is one of the these and its derivative such as zinc pca is considered to be anti bacterial or bacteriostatic and yes it has a major effect on removing the appearance of skin rashes.

The argument by the medical doctors is that it also boosts the immune system but we have seen lactobactilluis sporangenous wipe out an entire leg full of eczema in just one day. The immune system could not have been boosted that quickly. We have seen the same when it comes to dandruff, now knowing that dandruff is caused by an out of balance fungus.

If you suffer from skin rashes, dandruff, scalp issues or skin issues including acne or rosacea you owe it yourself to learn more about how you can kill the fungus that we believe causes these.