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beauty product guide


Services Database:

Here you will find the different services that we offer to our customers.


Custom Manufacturing:

We offer custom shampoo manufacturing so that you can get any shampoo made in small quantities that you would like. This has never been done for retail consumers and we are very proud to be able to offer this to you.



Custom Formulation:

If you have specific products in mind then please let us know and we can help you formulate them. We also stock many of the ingredients that you need to get your own products started.




Alternative Shipping:

If you need an order faster then please check out our faster shipping methods to get your order faster. For your convenience we ship to just about every English speaking country. While we offer specialized shipping rates in the USA we cannot offer these rate abroad - however our shipping rates abroad are extremely cheap compared our competition


Unique Hair Products & Skin Care Products

World of Hair has over 12 years experience custom formulating targeted, problem solving hair and skin products. These products stand heads and tails above regular salon or professional grade products as they simply do not just coat hair to make it visually more attractive. Instead these products have research into the proven herbal extracts and how they alleviate specific hair conditions.














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targeted products that include herbal extracts proven to work